Pentair Inteliflo pump for pool and spa

Jun 17, 2014
Looking to replace the pumps and add Easytouch for my pool (25,000 gallon) and attached spa. I'm thinking the Intelliflo VS 3hp pump for the pool, but not sure which pump would be best for the spa (thinking a single speed would be adequate to run the jets). Also wondering what the difference is between the Intelliflo VS, the xf version, or the vst. Does anyone have any advice for me on which way to go?


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Jul 7, 2014
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For sure if you plan to add the EasyTouch then your main pump should be the Intelliflo. They were designed to be run together.

Is this a new pool? If not, how may pumps do you currently have? I would have thought the Intelliflo would power both the pool and spa..

But I don't have a spa, so I could be mistaken.

I believe the Intelliflo, VS (P/N 011018) is the standard variable speed pump that most people have. You do not want the variable flow... and you do not want the VS+SVRS model either..
The XF has more flow and is for 3" plumbing..
The VST is the latest model, which is very similar to the VS, but the control panel can rotate. It appears it is sold to dealers only and not on-line.

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Mar 4, 2015
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