Pentair EasyTouch "No Comm" problem


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Jan 6, 2013
Hey guys,

I came back from a weekend away and found that our Pentair EasyTouch remote can no longer connect to the control panel. I have done a lot of research and tried a bunch of things but so far no joy. I talked to a tech at Pentair in California today and I might as well have just called down to the Walmart. Needless to say the frustration is mounting.

Things I have tried:
- Tried to do the readdress dance many times but the remote just keeps on searching until it turns off.
- Reset the power to the panel and tried the readdress dance.
- Did the "Reset system" via the diagnostics page on both the controller and the panel.
- Verified that I am getting 16.9vDC across the black and red leads on the antenna.
- Verified that the power light on the antenna is solid red and that the other two lights go on and off and different intervals.
- Placed a screen behind the antenna in an attempt to block any potential interference.
- Reset the EEPROM on the remote.
- Change the batteries on the remote.
- Verified that all wires from the antenna are connected and secure.

Does anyone have any suggestions for any further tests that I can try before I start giving more money to Pentair? do I determine if the problem is with the remote, the antenna, or the board in the control unit?

And finally...are there any 3rd party options that I could go with for controlling the Pentair system?




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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

The only two options for remotely controlling an EasyTouch is the remote you have now and ScreenLogic2.

I have never had the remote, so I'm not much of a resource for how to get it to reconnect...

I do have ScreenLogic 2 and love it. Costs about $375 at SunPlay. Lets you control your pool from your PC, Tablet, or Phone.

You can program via your PC about 10 x easier than using the little 3" LCD.. The phone works pretty well for viewing and turning things on/off but not so well for programming.

Sorry to hear about your remote problems.. Maybe some of our Pentair remote users will chime in..

Jim R.