Pentair Easy Touch w/ Screen Logic -vs- Intellicenter...Pentair telling my builder to not install Intellicenter


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Sep 10, 2019
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My builder originally quoted the Easy Touch w/ Screen Logic, but after reading thru some threads on here...I emailed them about the Intellicenter...since might as well have the latest automation solution installed. The feedback at that time (NOV) was their Pentair rep advised them not to sell the Intellicenter at that time. since they were working out some issues with it. They thought they would have things ironed out by the time my pool was ready (now) left the Intellicenter in the plans.

I reached out to them last week, double checking on this. The feedback is that Pentair has been back and forth with the Intellicenter numerous times...and that Pentair told their construction/service department not to install any Intellicenters and to switch them out with the EasyTouch.

I don't have a reason to think they aren't telling the truth, but curious if anyone else has heard something similar. And, is there anything I am really going to be missing (now or down the road) by not having the Intellicenter?



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Anything is possible, but we have several people here that have the new IntelliCenter. Most of the problems are what you expect with a new product. They all appear to work just fine for 99% of their functions, but have some issues with odd and unusual setting that most people just will never use. In other words, they will do everything an EasyTouch will do as they are today.

We have not heard of this at all.. If I was in your shoes, I would call Pentair yourself and talk with the horses mouth, not the other end.. :mrgreen:


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Jul 17, 2019
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I'm thinking you arent getting the full story here. Intellicenter has been out for over a year, and mine has been in since October with no issues. I also havent seen of any major issues posted here, especially not to the point where the manufacturer is recommending not to use them.

Do your homework, but don't be afraid to call out your builder. That would be a red flag and remind them they work for you.
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Jul 3, 2018
@MyAZPool what do your contacts at Pentair say about this?
First I have not heard of anything like this.
I will bring it up the next time I speak with my contacts there (after the pandemic), but I wouldn't expect that they would know anything about this.

Agree with @Jimrahbe. If I were in @rob97ag shoes, I too would call (Customer Service - 8 AM to 8 PM — Eastern and Pacific Times, Phone: (800) 831-7133), about it. Just for the "peace of mind" factor.

Personally, I would install the IntelliCenter over the EasyTouch. If for nothing more than the amount of schedules that can be created versus the ET, as well as the ability to create CIRCUIT GROUPS (Macros), that the ET cannot do.

As Jim pointed out, Pentair is having some growing pains when it comes to the IntelliCenter, mostly just the Web-Client Server ( :mad: I'm no fan at the moment). I am the first to admit that there are some very wonky things going on with the Schedules Page on the Web-Client, as well as some other server issues as they relate to the iOS App and the Apple Watch app, but I still remain confident, that those will get worked out and my feeling here is that those are pretty minor in the big IntelliCenter picture.

If my IntelliCenter fried tomorrow and Pentair offered me a choice of a new warranty replacement IntelliCenter or a new EasyTouch, my answer would be "IntelliCenter please"...

Thanks Allen and stay safe...
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