Pebble tec , pebble sheen, or plaster


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May 28, 2020
Austin, TX
One thing for everyone to consider when doing any of the Pebble stuff...make sure you take the time before you fill the pool to run your own hands over as much of the surface as possible. I've found some pretty rough edges (even divots) here and there AFTER the fact, so I've been using a file to smooth them out. Some spots can be quite sharp, too. My mother-in-law scraped her leg in our hot tub due to the tiniest stone with a sharp edge. That was fun.
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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
I've done a lot of back and forward on this topic. My wife is very concerned on the texture especially since we have little kids.
Here is my 2 cents...
Pebble sheen (or any mini pebble brand) is the "smoothest" pebble finish. ..
We have decided on WetEdge's Primera Stone is a pebble finish that is buffed smooth like a plaster. Last longer than plaster but is less "forgiving" to water chemistry than pebble.
At the end we had to decide what we could live on in 5 years with worst case scenario.. a rough finish or a mottled plaster. Since the primera stone can be resurfaced "many times" the positives outweigh the negatives (at least for us).
I have the same Primera Stone and I included some shells in it to have it glisten in the sun. I also had it polished so it was very smooth. I cannot remember if I had to pay extra for the polishing or that was part of the Primera Stone process. Regardless, very pleased with the finish.