partially blocked skimmer line

john carco

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Sep 18, 2019
peabody, ma
I have 40' of flex pvc pipe from my skimmer to my pump/filter. Pool is 26yrs old. 6 yrs ago my installer repaired about 6' of the flex pipe near skimmer because it kinked/collapsed. this yr my skimmer as operated at 30-40% and it looks like the flex pipe needs to be replaced. has anyone tried putting chemicals like DRANO gel in the skimmer line to try and improve flow? any ideas? I'm expecting a big bill to break up cement and replace the flex pipe with rigid pvc pipe and willing to try alternatives....thx John

Texas Splash

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Hi John and welcome to TFP! :wave: I wouldn't advise using a harsh chemical like Draino in your pool plumbing. Instead, we try to break any potential clogs free with air or water pressure - usually water pressure though for most home owners. You can try pushing water from the pump side. Remove the clear lid and put a garden hose into the pump inlet. Wrap with a wrag to help give somewhat of a seal, then push water back towards the skimmer. Many folks purchase a pressure bladder (i.e Drain King or the one below) to help with that purpose. Try from the pump to the skimmer, then alternate directions if needed to see if it breaks something loose. Hope that deso the trick.