Painting PVC pipes


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Aug 15, 2007
Ottawa, Canada
I'm installing solar panels on the roof of my house. The feeding and return pipes are the standard white PVC stuff.

For aesthetical reasons, I'd prefer to have them black, like the rest of the panels.

Any suggestion on which type of paint would best stick to the PVC pipes? Should I do anything special to prepare the surface?


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Aug 15, 2007
Ottawa, Canada
cobra46 said:
Where did you buy the solor panels? Do you have any pics?
I don't have pictures since I haven't installed them on the roof yet. I'm doing the plumbing first.

The brand of the panels is Technosolis and they are made in the US (I think they have a plant in Canada as well).

I ordered them and the Aqualogic P4 controller from . They had decent prices and free shipping.

The owner, Stephen Cumminger, seems to be passionate about everything solar. He's been very helpful and answered all my questions very quickly. One of the panels was damaged during shipment and he offered replacing it for free (without me even returning the damaged panel). At the same time, the manufacturer offered the same thing (free replacement panel). I ended up getting it from them. I thought that was pretty good service from both the vendor and manufacturer.


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Jun 27, 2007
Poughquag, NY
Painted some of my solar PVC with black Fusion. Didn't sand, I did wipe with PVC cleaner (yellow can stuff). Works well so far, heading into 2nd season (maybe 18 months). I would recommend painting before installing if at all possible, the 2nd story roof can get pretty scary!


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Mar 22, 2008
I've had customers use regular exterior spray paint on their pvc to blend their lines into their landscaping. No prep is really necessary besides cleaning the pipes.


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Jan 26, 2008
Forney, TX
Paint is actually a good idea because if PVC is left exposed to the elements it eventually gets that chalky look. You've probably seen old PVC that's been outside for years and you touch it and it leaves a white residue on you? Paint will protect the PVC from UV rays and prevent that.