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Jul 3, 2019
Waterford, NY
I think I have confused myself.
We have just refilled our pool after losing the battle of the green. We dumped then scrubbed then refilled)
I want to start this off on the right foot but have a couple questions.
Do I need to add chlorine before stabilizer, retest, and then add stabilizer? (If so how long before retesting?) Or do I use stabilizer first, retest then add chlorine? (Again how long before I retest?)
Also, can you add stabilizer and chlorine at the same time?

I will be using the Clorox Stabilizer, and either great value bleach or pool essentials chlorinating liquid.

One last question. I have always started a pool just by using shock and never paid much attention to the cya but mostly because at testing it was at the recommended level. Will using shock first help or hurt? All levels are “low or very low” levels on the Clorox test strips I purchased to hold me over until I get my kit.

Thanks for any help you can provide. ?


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Apr 6, 2016
San Diego, CA
For a fresh fill I would start by adding 30ppm worth of CYA using the sock method and 5 FC worth of bleach/chlorinating liquid. These can be added at the same time. Add about 3-4 ppm of FC daily until your kit arrives. Once you add CYA assume the target amount is in the water and retest a day or two after it is fully dissolved. FC should be well mixed (and testable) after about 20-30 minutes with the pump running.

What test kit did you order? When do you expect it to arrive? Unfortunately test strips are not a reliable form of testing pool chemistry.

ETA: You can use pool math to calculate how much chemicals to add. See also effects of adding chemicals at the bottom of the page. "Shock" is likely fine to use occasionally as long as you understand what it is adding to your pool. It is not good to add regularly and does not add enough CYA fast enough to protect chlorine in a fresh fill. I included a link to the web version of pool math, but there is also an app you can download for your phone.
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From post #4 of your OTHER THREAD: :)

With your new water, make sure to focus on the following upon fill completion:
1 - Add stabilizer (CYA). Minimum of 30
2 - Add chlorine. About 3 ppm on day one, after that follow the FC/CYA Chart to keep FC and CYA balanced together.
3 - Check/adjust pH to the mid-7s.

The rest can be validated a bit later. Let us know how it goes.
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Jul 3, 2019
Waterford, NY
So you can add on the same day. That alone helps tremendously!

I have the tfp app. I just had a feeling of being overwhelmed with all of the data I’ve been reading up on today mixed with the fear of wasting cash by doing it wrong.

Hubby ordered the kit and is currently at work. Will update as soon as I find out.

It’s a humid 92 degrees here today. My mind is swimming and the rest of me longs to be as soon as possible. ?
Thank you for everything. Much appreciated.

***I am that person who forgets to hit send occasionally. ? He ordered the k-2006