Jul 3, 2019
Waterford, NY
Hey everyone!
This is my first time here. We are refilling our 17’ x 52” pool after coming down with a slight case of the green algae’s at start up. With end of school/a wedding and a handful of other setbacks we didn’t have the time to fight so we dumped it, scrubbed it and it’s almost back to full.

I know we seriously need to replace our cartridge filter for a sand filter as soon as the budget belt relaxes but until then....
Ok so 6414 gallons.
Hoping to learn all this crazy complicated science of pool chems this year.
I look forward to hearing from yas.

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Sig is showing fine. :goodjob:

With your new water, make sure to focus on the following upon fill completion:
1 - Add stabilizer (CYA). Minimum of 30
2 - Add chlorine. About 3 ppm on day one, after that follow the FC/CYA Chart to keep FC and CYA balanced together.
3 - Check/adjust pH to the mid-7s.

The rst can be validated a bit later. Let us know how it goes.
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