Ooops, that just happened.


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Hello all,

After a week of daily bather load, temperatures above 90 each day, and two days of rain, I finally got around to checking my pool chemicals and was horrified and shocked to see that my FC dropped to 0 :grrrr: :hammer:

I immediately checked my PH to balance it and then confered with the pool calculator to raise my FC to 6 based on my CYA of 50.

After brushing the pool down subsequent to the addition of bleach, my water is a bit cloudy. I would imagine that the cloudiness is due to the bleach attacking any unforseen algae etc.

My question is should I shock the pool or just maintane my FC at the desired level of 6 ppm or raise it to 8 ppm and maintane it at that level?

Let me know what you guys think.



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May 7, 2007
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Definitely add some more chlorine. Since the water is already cloudy, I would aim for shock level tonight. Hopefully, you will still have a plausible FC level tomorrow and won't need to do a full round of shocking the pool.

The sooner after FC goes to zero that you can raise the FC level up, the better your chance of recovering from it quickly.
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