Numbers for salt pool with automatic cover

For all the terrific information on TFP about water balancing, I’ve never seen anything that addresses the differences a cover makes on a salt pool. Our pool is almost an indoor pool (I.e., covered) except for a couple of hours in the afternoon if it is in use. (Keeping it covered keeps the heat gain down, the water cleaner, evaporation low, and safe from grandchildren.) I’m very wary of the high CYA recommendation for pools with a SWG due to the effect on the SLAM process should algae every rear its ugly head. I’ve adopted the approach to keep the CYA around 25-30 and monitor the Cl levels closely to keep them at the top of the recommended range and adjust with liquid Cl, if necessary. This is more like an indoor pool where CYA would be no more than 20.

I’ve monitored the Cl during those rare heavy use days and the CYA seems sufficient to hold the Cl within the recommended range despite the UV and bathing load. I’ll then add liquid Cl to bump it to the top of the range when swimming is done. The added benefit is that the lower levels of Cl makes it easier to keep the baseline level up with the SWG.


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Jul 21, 2013
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What you are doing sounds fine for your covered pool.