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Nov 17, 2017
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Hi there,

I have just replaced the old radio controlled switches / mechanical timer of our pool equipment with a mix of an Intelliconnect and the Sonoff 4CH Pro R3. The various threats on this site have been very helpful.

I am indecisive whether to control the Treo LED pool lights via a relay of the Intelliconnect and the SPA blower via the Sonoff or vice versa. I connected the lights in a first attempt to the Sonoff as the family could just tell Alex to turn them on (if Alex is on, she is not permanently). However, I noticed that the Sonoff's response is not instantaneous. Hence, switching between the color options of the LED lights, which is controlled by switching them on and off quickly, is not possible. I read that the Intelliconnect can control the colors of the Pentair Intellibright. Can the Intelliconnect also control the colors of other LED lights, e.g. the Treo lights we have?

I can of course just try it but wanted to check if anybody knew before I rewire everything.

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 7, 2014
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LED pool lights are controlled by cycling a relay on and off X number of times.. The specific number tells the light what color to be, etc.. The IntelliConnect is set up for Pentair lights. If the lights you want to use have the same number sequence, then the IntelliConnect will just think they are Pentair lights.. If not, then they either won't work, or at least the color will not be the color that you want.

Also, keep in mind, that for each light that you want to individually control, you will need a separate relay and transformer..


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