led lights

  1. B

    Pool Lighting questions

    Hello, I have 120V lighting for my pool and spa. I have a few questions regarding how to convert to 12V for safety reasons. I do not have a transformer. 1) The spa and pool lights are turned on and off from my controller separately, Does this mean I would need 2 transformers to continue to be...
  2. J

    Hayward ColorLogic LED Light Not Turning On

    Hi all, I have a Hayward ColorLogic 12v LED light in my pool that has stopped turning on. It was blinking a few days ago and now it just won't turn on. I have two other lights (originating from the same circuit) and they are working fine. I checked the GFCI and the circuit, and neither are...
  3. D

    Aqualink RS4 - hidden red LEDs on

    Hi, I have an old Aqualink RS4 that came with the house. It's worked well, but this last week, I first started seeing 3 LEDs under the buttons - so not the button LEDs light up - see picture attached. The buttons still worked so I could turn on and off the pump from the panel. And the schedule...
  4. J

    What bulb is this and how do I replace?

    I've tried three different pool guys and the Pentair support line and noone seems to want to help or know. Posting here in the off chance someone can help. Have posted a pic. It's a Pentair Intellibrite bulb of some sort but the bulb has rusted out and I'm not able to ID how to pull it out to...
  5. Kenny Powers

    Alternate Hayward/Pentair bulb replacement

    I have a 120V multicolor LED in both of my pool lights. Replacements are $899 each. It’s not worth that much to have pool lights. Currently the lights are ColorLogic 4.0 sp0527LED100. Are there other light bulb assemblies that will fit this Pentair receptacle?
  6. S

    Non-Pentair LED lights via Intelliconnect

    Hi there, I have just replaced the old radio controlled switches / mechanical timer of our pool equipment with a mix of an Intelliconnect and the Sonoff 4CH Pro R3. The various threats on this site have been very helpful. I am indecisive whether to control the Treo LED pool lights via a relay...