Newly Plastered Pool (Help with Numbers)


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Jan 23, 2010

I am on Day 8 of my pool replaster. All my water was trucked in. (I am on a well.) I am testing myself I have a Taylor K2006) Here are my current numbers:

FC: 5.0 (5 hours ago)

pH: 7.2 (5 hours ago)

TA: 320 (5 hours ago)

CH: 150 (5 hours ago)

CYA: 20 (3 days ago)

My TA is through the roof. What can I do to start trying to get this number down?

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With new plaster, you want to be careful about the water becoming to "aggressive" which may erode plaster, especially new plaster. I would not mess with the TA too much right now. Not aggressively anyways. In fact, let the pH climb up slightly to 7.3 - 7.4 because you want your "CSI" number to be slightly positive for the first 30-days of plaster cure. Use the PoolMath APP to see your CSI. Four things impact that CSI: pH, TA, CH, and water temp. PH has the most immediate and dramatic impact on CSI, but all 4 can be adjusted to compensate for one that is too high or too low. The elevated TA is helping to compensate for the low CH, and the low pH helps compensate for the high TA. So for the moment, keep the pH about 7.3-7.4. If you add calcium later (or it increases), or later as the TA begins to slowly fall, then you can adjust the other numbers accordingly. Practice with the PoolMath a little to see how it all works together.