New user, new pool just opened


May 4, 2017
New to the forum and pools, we just put it in last August. My question is we had it opened Saturday, its been cold and raining like crazy to the point where I've had to pump a few inches out. Should I bother taking a sample and getting the salt/conditioner yet or can I wait until we are out of this rainy weather in a few days and do it then? The computer told me to add 66lbs of salt, I thought id do that but wait on the rest.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Jan 6, 2010
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Welcome! :wave:

Any chemicals you add will just get pumped out, literally money down the drain. So hold off on salt and CYA. Not sure of the temperature, but if gets above 50, maybe slop 3 or 4 ppm bleach in just to keep algae from gaining a toehold.

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