New (to me) install plumbing question



I am in the process of removing a Wilkes Genisis pool and going to be reinstalling it at my house. They currently have a floor drain installed in the deep end of the pool. Should I reinstall it there or move it to the side wall? I plan on building mine 4' at one end ans slope to 6' at the other.

Also does anyone know where I can get an installation guide for it? I am taking it apart and not sure where to begin on installation. I have read the basics but no one has really posted anything for Wilkes.


Sorry should have mentioned it is 16' x 28' and has a H150 heater and a 1 HP pump with sand filter.

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Jun 22, 2009
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The best thing to do is to take pictures of every step and label every part and it's mating piece as you dismantle it. That'll make it much easier to reassemble it.

Guest picks and sits in a pile in my back someone lined up to dig the whole 1' and add mason sand for $250.....Thinking of going with salt water system......still wondering if I should put the return line in the bottom of the deep end or place it on a wall?
Any input? Whats good placement for circulation? I have a wall skimmer, floating skimmer and a return line with a light built in it.

Should I go 2' and thinking of lining the walls with 1/2" pink foam...putting it between the liner and the alum. walls to help with retaining heat.....any input?