New Pump/Motor Selection


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May 21, 2016
Harford County, MD
Yes, I'm sorry for yet another pump/motor question thread, however with opening time fast approaching I want to make sure I do this right. Heading into my second season with an older IG pool.

I currently have a 1.4 HPSF Hayward Super II, single-speed equivalent. It has a leaky seal, and I wanted to look into replacing. My goals for a replacement, prioritized are:

1) Proper size/compatibility
2) Addition of a timer (currently only a shutoff switch that I would turn on before bed and off before work...very annoying)
3) Energy/cost savings

Last summer I ran the pump for 6-9 hours each night and additional times during/after high activity. Thanks to advice here and the TF-100 kit, I had no chemical issues in my first year. I've done some research an understand that I do not have to get a new pump; a motor replacement is an option as well. I'm open to either. I have no water features and from what I've read, I'd assume a dual-speed would be suitable for my needs. I read in another thread the most efficient dual-speed motors are the standalone ones; not ones coupled with new pumps. The primary problem there is my current pump is wired at 115V and I've had a hard time finding dual-speed motors that can be wired at 115V and at least meet the HP of my current pump. With dual-speed I would also likely have to get and wire a separate timer. Some questions I have:

1) The dual-speed 115V, and even VS 115V, I've seen are mostly 0.75 to 0.85 HP. Is that enough for me?
2) Are there any quality, energy-efficient dual-speed motors (preferably w/timer) with THP close to my current pump?
3) I looked at the Pentair Superflo VS and Sta-Rite Supermax VS (both 115V compatible) and they seem like decent options. What is the difference between them? From what I can tell they are 2.0 or 2.2 THP. Is that too much for my needs? Given VS, does that matter as much?

Most of the VS pumps have built-in timers which would save me the need for additional wiring. However, the HP for 115V options seems to be either too little or too much? Or is it? I'll add that my utility company offers $150 rebate for dual-speed pumps (not motors) and $400 rebates for VS pumps. The Superflo/Supermax would be very reasonably priced after rebate; I'm just not sure if they're best for my setup.

Thanks everyone. If there's any additional info I can share to help, please let me know.


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Apr 5, 2015
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Both the Superflo or Supermax would work well with your exsisting system. They are the same pump basically. You can't go wrong with a VS pump especially with a 400.00 rebnate


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
With that kind of rebate on VS pumps I'd jump on either one of those two pumps. With the VS pump you will get the built in timer. Normally I would say the 2-speed is fine for you but with that much rebate and the need to tack on a timer if you go with 2 speed. The two speed isn't cost effective.

Pentair and sta-rite is like arguing which is better GMC or Chevy. That said I like my GMC and my Pentair pump and don't you try and tell me different.