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Jul 7, 2010

We just set up our first pool, its a 16x3'6 intex inflatable pool with a krystal clear filter. Our only water source is our pond, we have a huge system set up in our basement completed w/ a chlorinator and two huge water tanks and 3 wall filters. I'm sure there's more but unless you need complete details I don't know off hand, that's not my department :?

It took us a while to get it filled up but now it is all said and done, and the water is not pretty looking.. Its a yellowish color and I'm not liking it.

The book that comes w/ the pool isn't good for details on what exactly needs to be done. I have bought some test strips and shock and chlorine sanitizing tablets. I added 1lb of the shock to the pool and added (5) 1" chlorine tablets by HTH.

I just finished doing a test strip and got the following readings

FC: 3/6
PH: 7.5 - 7.8 (kinda right in the middle, too hard to distinguish which one)
TA: 40
TH: 200
CYA: 30-50

I'm not exactly sure what all I can do or what I can add that won't throw the readings off too much to turn the water clear or at least a little more clear. I'm new to this and don't understand what exactly all the chemicals do and when its safe enough to be swim ready.


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Oct 29, 2009
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Before you get much further along, also note that the HTH chlorine tablets usually contain copper. You don't want that in your water!


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Jan 6, 2010
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The test strips are only marginally better than taste-testing your water. Get a good test kit. They're compared in Pool School, where you ought to do some reading. If the pool is going to stay up all year, be careful with the tablets - they'll raise CYA to astronomical levels. If it'll get drained at the end of summer, who cares?

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