New Pool - Cloudy Water

I added 1cup stabilizer at 1pm.
Installed Skimmer around 4pm so we had to let some water out and then fill back up.
Current readings:
Cl 2
Ph 7.5
CYA still 0

I'm thinking I should add more PhDown and Stabilizer. OK to add at the same time? How much? I'm trying to go slow so I don't mess it up bad!

And here's a complication: We're going to be out of town next week for maybe 5 days. Leaving Monday. I hope it all doesn't go to heck while we're gone! I may be able to get a neighbor to check on it.

Thanks SO MUCH for your help!!!!!!


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May 3, 2014
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A pH of 7.5 is fine.
A cup of stabilizer (dry or liquid?) is not much in 14000 gallons of water. Use Poolmath to get to the levels you need to.

Being gone for 5 days. You can use a floater with a few trichlor tablets and raise the FC to SLAM level before you leave. Deal with any issues when you return.
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