New Pool Build - South Florida


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Dec 6, 2017
Miami, FL
Today is Day 61 if Im counting from first day they dug into ground. But we signed contract back in February , didnt do any work until end of May.
My initial excavation was 5/28. So really right there with you. There have been a lot of challenges this summer, and I am really stoked that you are this far ahead! C'mon SwimmingGator's PB -- wrap it up!!
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Jul 27, 2020


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Feb 9, 2020
South Florida
What's the purpose of this setup?
It’s just a big water filter - they say just to get metals and whatnot out of the hose water and that it’ll make it clearer day 1. They basically sent over a water fountain company with this tank and it just filters the hose water as it fills ... idk really but it does look super clear