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  1. R

    New Build - Equipment Recommendations

    Working on selecting a contractor for a new pool build. Pool will be about 14.5K gallons in SE Florida with two 12" sheer decent waterfalls, no spa. Narrowed down the equipment (based off of this sites recommendations) for Pentair products, but a couple of the builders only use Jandy. Any help...
  2. G

    New Pool Construction

    Hello, I stumbled across this forum and have read many different posts. I am still doing some research but will give some details of where I am currently. Planning installation and am about to sign a contract with a pool builder. We had many different quotes from different types of pool...
  3. R

    New Build and Start - Gunite and plaster debris in skimmer line

    Just opened a 22,500 gallon Gunite pool last week with 2 skimmers, 2 bottom drains and 2 return lines. The skimmer on the opposite side of the pool from the pump barely has any suction. So far I have removed numerous chunks of Gunite and plaster twice from each skimmer and once from the basket...
  4. pigskintd

    New Pool Start-up Chemistry Question. Partial Acid Start-up

    First ever pool....New ~ 9,500 gallon Hydrazzo plaster pool finished filling on Saturday night. The pool company didn't come until Monday morning. They added 2 gallons of muriatic acid, a small amount of chlorine, and what looked like a sequestering agent. I saw this on the pool camera and they...
  5. S

    New freeform in SoCal

    Hello! New to this wonderful site, so excited to see all the fun things people have done. We're nearing completion, having equipment installed this week and getting ready for pebble next week but thought I'd share some pics of the process. I calculated about 19,500 gallons after 3D mapping the...
  6. K

    ay yi yi!

    Hello all! I've been reading so much and have too much information in my head - I'm overthinking everything about the equipment. We're in the midst of a hybrid owner build/DIY and it's moving along pretty well, saving a lot of $'s and plaster scheduled for May 23rd. I'm just stuck with the...
  7. L

    NPT Quartzscapes or MiniPebbleTec?

    Need help deciding between these 2 finishes for our new pool build! Our PB has been pushing MiniPebbleTec, but we had been leaning towards a Quartz finish. We've not been super happy with the PB, and answers from friends were mixed. Regular pebble tec tears up my feet, hence the reason the PB is...
  8. SaltyBHouston

    Boric Acid Timing & Storage Questions

    Hello all, pebble pool completed in January 2022, is there any reason not to add Borates this soon? Is there an optimum timeframe or temperature threshold I should wait for? Additionally, can I store granular boric acid, CYA, calcium chloride and salt outside in the same deck box?
  9. S

    New Build Quotes and Equipment - Feedback Welcome

    We have gotten a couple of bids for a new pool. We have not fully decided which we will choose or even if we will build right now (prices are insane). I've learned so much on this forum, I was hoping that some of you can take a look at these two different designs. I included diagram and pic...
  10. Sunbaby

    New Build in Middle of Nowhere Texas

    Hey y’all!! I spent so many hours here during my first build. I learned everything from this site. We moved and had to leave our pool 😭. We moved to the middle of nowhere (our hometown where we met in Kindergarten, but that’s a story for another time). Trying to get builders to come here is...
  11. H

    New Pool Build in Southern Maryland

    Hello TFP members, I decided to share my pool experience with the forum that has provided me with such great information. Hopefully, my experience will be of some value. I am in the southern Maryland area. A little background...backyard had a double slope. Had to install a large retaining wall...
  12. F

    Help! New Pool Build - Arizona

    Hi Everyone! We are currently in the process of finding a pool builder for our first pool and are SO confused. Things I always thought were good like salt water and in floor cleaners are turning out to be not so good from all my reading?? Would love if y'all could help with this quote we...
  13. S

    Hello From the deciding to build a pool stage

    Hi, we are considering building a pool. Just now at the stage of determining size, design, features, etc that we would want. We have not even contacted companies for quotes yet. Due to all of the delays I hear about and supply chain issues, I am very curious about the experiences of those...
  14. A

    Pool & Spa Build - Pflugerville (near Austin) - Need Help!

    Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for all the help! We really need some feedback. This will be our first pool and we’ve been trying to educate ourselves as much as we can. This is the first bid we receive, so this is by no means final. Somethings I want to get out of the way, 1) After reading...
  15. D

    Plaster Polisher Damage

    I just had the plaster installed on my new build pool this past Tuesday with Wet Edge Altima Gray. On Wednesday and Thursday, another crew came to polish the plaster then acid wash and power wash. It’s look and feels good. One of the polishers said that in one small area on one of the wall...
  16. D

    Hello From Fishers, Indiana!

    There’s not really much to tell. We’ve nearly completed our first swimming pool. It’s an 18’x36’ hunky pool. There’s really nothing fancy about. It has a tanning ledge with bubblers for the kids to play and a basketball/volleyball combo kit. It’s nearly complete as water was just put in.
  17. iCorr434

    New Build in NE Florida (Finally)

    After two years of designing and over a year of waiting (and scrolling TFP!) the PB finally digs this week :) Wanted to get some feedback on the equipment & pool depth before we get too far along. Pictures attached of layout. Pool perimeter: 78' Pool area: 365ft2 Gallons: 9,250 Pump...
  18. TFPNoobie

    Construction Delayed (Nationwide Resin Shortage?)

    In July 2020 I signed a contract to have my pool installed in Aug 2021. However, it is now Sep and my PB has said that because of the nationwide resin shortage, Latham is unable to deliver pools to meet their deadlines. He said he can install 1.5 pools a week but he's only getting 1-2 pools a...
  19. R

    New Build - North DFW Area

    I wanted to share the design for my new pool design. Ive added my pictures and bid. The plan is to do SWG which Ive learned from my lurking here. The pool is 32X17.6 currently and is intended to be 4x5x4 - may take it to 4x6x4. Its just me and my mom using the pool for relaxing and exercising...
  20. johngault007

    When Leaks Almost Look Like Heavy Evaporation

    So I just want to preface this thread with a shout out to the search function on this site and the great help that has already been provided by members here! My pool has been up and running for about 5 weeks now, and for some reason my water levels were dropping 1/2" to 1" per day. Fast enough...
  21. TXsteele

    Just getting started on our first pool build/pool

    We have not yet started digging, should start this upcoming Tuesday, Aug. 10th. Signed contract back in April. I have been trying to search threads and educate myself as much as I can without getting confused with all the new lingo. Any advice on what to key an eye for during the construction? I...
  22. A

    Subs Needed for New pool Build-Orlando, FL

    Does anyone have any sub contacts for a new pool build? Everything needed from start to finish. I have contacted some people but they are all too busy to take on new work even if its 6 months from now. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  23. C

    When do I attach/install pool cleaner?

    We just completed our in ground gunite pool with pebble interior. How long do I need to wait to attach/install pool cleaner. I have a “Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner” Some say one week some say 30 days.
  24. joel98z

    New pool (first time) build in DFW (Current Phase: POOL COMPLETED!!)

    TimeLine Early June 2021 Started contacting pool builders and reviewing proposals July 17th 2021 - Signed Contract with PB2 (See quote below) Contract Signed! July 20th 2021 - Downloaded and learned to use Pool Studio September 23rd 2021 - County and City Permits approved November 22nd 2021 -...
  25. J

    Buying different house for pool - Things to check for

    Everyone has been super helpful on these forums. After running into a easement issue on our last pool build, we are actually now considering moving to a different house that we can actually put a pool in. If we get tied up into escrow on the new house, I need to do my due diligence to make sure...
  26. T

    Advice for New Pool in Houston, Texas

    Hi everyone, My family just signed up with our PB in Houston, TX and I wanted to post our pool specifics and design to see if you guys can help us avoid mistakes or think of things we missed. And of course (hopefully) to get feedback as we go through the construction process. Thanks in advance...
  27. BritDan

    New Pool, North Atlanta, GA

    Hello everyone, long-time lurker, first-time poster here. Great, great forum with tonnes of info that I've been combing through in preparation for our pool build in North Atlanta, GA. I'll share a little bit about our family and intended pool use as that will help with decision making as we...
  28. C

    This is what I have so far... Am I ready for any shortages??

    We are in line to have a 16x36 SWG 8ft pool installed. I've been on this site so many times and there are so many different answers on the supplies that will be short this summer. I'm not worried about overbuying what I already have as I can sell on FBM or CL if I don't use it. I've searched...
  29. T

    Recs for Initial Meetings

    Hi Everyone! So glad to have found such a helpful forum. My husband and I are finally looking into building a pool for our backyard in Houston. We have two little kids (4y/o and 2y/o) and so we were waiting for them to be better swimmers before starting this process. We know it's going to be a...
  30. T

    Ideal Schedule for New Pool

    Hello, My inground chlorine pool was just built (8000 gallons) and I have a Hayward vs 900 Omni pump with 2” piping. what is the best schedule for my pump? The company set it up at 3300rpm for 4 hours, 3000 for 4 and 2500 for 4. Seems really high. I was thinking 3000 rpm for few hours in...