new build

  1. MidTNDesertRat

    New pool guy in AZ

    Hello! About 4 weeks away from completion of my new pool. 24L x 14W, 11.5 gal pool. Can’t wait to learn and post with you guys. Attached are some pictures of my set up so far!
  2. CircaSurvivalist

    Future Fiberglass Owner in Memphis, TN

    Hello! I am currently under construction on a 14x30' Latham Fiberglass pool in Memphis, TN and am excited to get started on my pool journey. Growing up I always dreamed of having a pool in my own back yard, but my parents were either too smart or too poor to concede to one :). I am blessed to...
  3. Ryanrichard25

    New Pool Build - South Florida

    Excited to find this forum :) wanted to start my first thread and will post updates and pics. We signed contract on 2/11/20 - permits almost done finally (hopefully this week) pool details: 15x31 Jandy AquaLink P4 PDA Automation AquaPure 1400 SWG Pentair Whisperflo 1HP Dual Speed Pump Pentair...
  4. P

    Wood post near poolside

    Hi, I am pretty new with taking care of my pool and this site has helped a lot. I got the water all good and balanced thank you all for your helpful posts and comments. Now my mother wants me to build some kind of shade structure near the pool. The entire backyard is concrete so I would need...
  5. S

    Not happy with new pool build

    My husband and I are having a new pool installed, and we are having several issues with our builders. The builders are wanting final payment before the pool is complete, and they want us to pay the concrete company directly even though we have no contract with the concrete company only the pool...
  6. A

    New Spa - What would you select if you could design your system from scratch?

    Location: Southern California Type: In ground gunite Infinity Edge spa Size: 9' x 8' 3" Perimeter: 17' 4" Surface Area: 74.25 Sq. Ft. Volume: 1088 Gallons (Not counting surge tank) Water Weight: 9,074 Lbs. Initial Design Plans -...
  7. O

    New Pennsylvania Pool

    Hi, It's my first post here, and I'm a self declared newbie to the pool space--about to fulfill a lifelong dream of having our own swimming pool. So plan is to build a rectangular 18x40 Gunite SWG pool, 3.5 to 7.5 feet deep, with a built in spa and an autocover to cover it all. There are no...
  8. W

    Above ground Built into slope... am I DOOMED?

    Hello, Soon to be pool owner. Excavation is tomorrow and install is shortly after that. Site has to be dug 20” to be level so it’s not as crazy as other stuff I’ve heard and read on here. I’m just worried about water collecting around it and ruining my pool. Basically what measures I...
  9. C

    New to TFP

    Hello Everyone!!! My name is Julio and I would like to say hello. I just joined and excited to talk to the community. We are in the process of building our own pool. As we speak we are getting contractor's bid for all the pool phases. We live in Casa Grand Arizona and if anyone knows of great...
  10. S

    New build of spa and pool with negative edge on sloping land

    We are building a new spa and pool with a 29' negative edge and are looking for confirmation on all points, but especially the number and location of structural items (piers, etc.). I've attached the proposal and drawing. In addition to what's listed, I'm trying to decide whether to go salt or...
  11. Rookiegardener

    How did you decide which pool to buy?

    Hello! I am currently shopping for an above ground pool. I have never owned a pool so this is all new to me. I am pretty sure I want a 24 ft round pool. There are a few local stores near me and the closest major pool store would be Watson’s. I am trying to research online, but it seems like all...
  12. Z

    New pool, a couple questions

    Pool was plastered over a week ago with Diamondbrite. I have been doing the regular scrubs and checking the chemistry daily. There is a blob of plaster in the shallow end near the built in stairs and another small line of white plaster that juts out in another section. I don't know if its...
  13. M

    Southern CA New IG pool: Steel framing complete

    Hi TFP family! I've been on this site a handful of times over last couple of years trying to get the courage to pull the trigger on a pool. I finally gave my neighbor (pool builder) my deposit tonight! I will try to read all the great advice from past posts as much as time permits (Single mom...