New pool build - Little Elm, TX


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Sep 8, 2020
Little Elm
Hi all, just found this forum, first post. Today we had our gunite day, wanted to know if it’s normal to have holes in gunite on bottom of pool? See pics, not sure if they were there when gunite guys finished. Here’s some pics, thanks!



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Dec 26, 2019
NE Oklahoma
If the hole you are asking about is the one at the far right of the last picture, yes, it should be there. It is to allow groundwater to come up through the shell so that the shell doesn't float. They will fill with plaster or a quick setting cement when the plaster guys show up.



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Aug 16, 2020
Byran TX
Are you watering your cement? I'm not an expert (someone correct me if I'm off here on watering) but your pool builder should be giving you things to do along the way. The reason I mention that is your pool looks awfully dry.

If you check any other build threads there's information you can gather, each step of the way. Congrats on everything so far!