New member joining in with a cloudy problem


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Jul 2, 2019
Gray Court/SC
Hello All,

Have been searching the web and came upon this site which has provided some insight already to an issue I am having with my pool. First the basics:

18x32 ft custom vinyl lined pool with steps.
Standard filtration system with a multiport valve that does backwash/waste and a couple other things besides filtering.
Pool came with the farm I bought ten years ago and its a small horse farm with 4 horses. (pool is like my 5th horse)

Coming into this year I really have wanted to stay up on pool maintenance, because where I live, a farm with lost of open pasture and trees, I get lots of crud dropping in the pool almost every day. I fought an algae epidemic this spring, finally got clear water and okay numbers on chlorine, but the pH kept showing as low. Last weekend I got a 4 lb container of pH Up from Lowes and based on my pool size (24K gallons) used almost all of it. Immediately the water started to cloud up and when I got home from work, you could not see but a foot down. (sigh)

Since then I have been running the filter almost constantly, backwashing morning and evening and I can kind of see the bottom again. Is there any quicker way to get the cloudy out? I'm afraid of putting anything at the moment. The Chlorine indicators were almost high when I checked pH, but in my area, they can drop quick due to sunshine all day. Reading seems to indicate I can only keep doing the filter, but it is impacting my electrical bill. Any thoughts on ways to quicken short of a floc, because then it's the water bill.