New in ground heater brand questions / recommendations


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Aug 22, 2016
This is not a solicitation for recommendations of any particular model - I understand that models need to be selected specifically to handle the pool size/region/etc/etc/etc.

If my prior posts are any indication, I've met my match when it comes to our very old MinimaxNT and have decided that it's just not a great idea to try to piece together something that's intended to burn flammable gas in a controlled manner. I can save money other places, it's time to replace the heater.

That said - what BRANDS are generally regarded as top in the industry for natural gas heaters? There are the names you know, and then the names you SHOULD know, and I'm too new to the heater side of things to know which is which. My priorities are longevity and environmental impact. My research tells me that I need a cupro-nickel exchanger, low NOX, and try to get ASME certified if I can as well.

I live in the Southeast and we use our pool basically from April/May pretty much through October. The heater more or less sees use at the beginning of the season to get it up to temp and then through the season just to maintain it above a minimum overnight only as needed. I've looked into solar and it will not work since the solar electric is going in the same place in a few years' time. Thanks for the advice!