New IG pool owner in Maryland


May 20, 2015
Upper Marlboro, MD

I am new to TFP and have already learned a lot in the few threads I peeked in on. This site has gotten me very excited. I have never owned a pool before Nov 2014 but I do now! I have been using a PB (pool boy...i think). The previous owners of the house were nice enough to winterize it for me, but when we opened the pool last month they did things terribly wrong. Much to the PB's surprise the pool was in pretty good shape. We opened it on April 24th. Since then I have (well the PB) replaced 2 of the cartridges in the DE filter, replaced the O ring and the top of the filter (the piece that holds the cartridges in place), and changed some of the pipes from the skimmer pump. The PB comes every other week, so I can save $$$ and learn how to maintain the pool with some help.

I attached some pics of my new baby. she is 24gal, concrete (maybe plaster), DE Filter, and a polaris booster pump (there are two pumps, one for the pool and one for the skimmer)

We have gone swimming in it a few times, however the water temperature did not let us stay in there as long as we wanted. I am at the bottom of a huge learning curve and I am grateful for these types of forums to help a novice like myself out. I am still working on my signature, pool lingo is still a foreign

Can't wait to chat more


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Sep 12, 2013
Welcome, welcome.....If you haven't already first order of business is to get yourself one of the recommended test kits, take charge of your pool and say goodbye to the can't manage your pool on a every other week basis!