New Hot Tub Owner Figuring It Out

Hello gang,

We just got a hot tub and it's my first time managing a pool or hot tub. The resources of the forum have been very helpful trying to cut through the marketing haze to get a reality check on things, so thank you. I had some college courses in chemistry, so I have some basis for making sense of it, but it's just a lot to absorb all at once. I figure at this point, I'm just going to focus on keeping Free Chlorine and pH in the right range to buy myself time to learn the rest.


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Sep 23, 2015
Enjoy your hot tub! I had one when I lived up north and really enjoyed it. A couple of hints from me - others can feel free to chime in:
Check your water hardness (Calcium) level as well. Some manufacturers *might* recommend harder/softer water.
I turned off my ozone generator. It seemed to make the chlorine disappear and did not provide any tangible benefit.
And stick with chlorine. I tried the other magic potions and chlorine was the only thing that actually worked.
And this forum is incredible! Welcome!