New emerson 2spd 1hp switch.


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Jun 24, 2008
What kind of switch can I get to use with my new emerson 2spd 1hp motor.
I figured it would have came with one on it but I guess I was wrong. :grrrr:
Would lowes have something? I need something ASAp due to the fact this is going on 7 days without a
pump going. hasnt started turning green yet but I am tired of putting bleach in whil using a paddle to
distribute it.


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May 27, 2007
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What model is it? I'm looking at an EB975 online right now, and it's saying it's a "switchless" design. When all else fails, I'd either contact the company who sold you the motor or contact Emerson via their website .

I don't think Lowe's would carry a switch for that motor. You'd have to jackleg something to work, and I wouldn't suggest that unless you have previous electrical experience. If you do have electrical experience, you could wire directly to either the low side terminal or high side terminal and at least get the pump going on either low or high until you get the proper switch (if needed).

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Jun 22, 2009
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Give us the model number of the motor and I'm sure we can help. I saw several models on their site that stated that they had an optional switch housing available. Even without one I'm sure that we can come up with something that will work.