New Build in Austin Texas

Apr 28, 2016
Hello Everyone,

I have been researching on this site for quite some time and I am finally going to begin building a pool here in Austin Texas. Thanks to all the valuable information here, I feel slightly less than a complete moron when discussing things with my PB.

Below are some of the specs and the drawing. We want it to be as simple as possible and the reason for the pergola reposition is for privacy/shade. The pool wont be so close to the home like in the drawing below. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Pool Specifications:
Dimensions: 18x30
Perimeter: +/- 112LF
Depth: 3.5 – 6ft
Gallons: +/-18,000
Coping: luder
Pool tile: 6x6 ($7sqft)

All material to be hauled off, unless otherwise requested by owner/project manager.
Equipment trench included
Structural Steel:
#4rebar 10” O.C. unless otherwise specified by engineer.

All plumbing is PVC schedule 40
Anti-vortex main drain with split suction valved independently at equipment
2” pool main drain suction and 2” skimmer suction
5 2” pool return
Premium grade valves on all necessary lines

Interior finish - quartz (TBD)

W/#3 Rebar 18” O.C (500sqft) (salt finish)

1 2HP Pentair Whisper flo
2 LED Color Lights
Pentair DE FNS 60 Filter
Cleaner 280
Pentair heater 2000BTU
Salt water pool

I will be donating and ordering my test kit shortly.





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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Here are a couple of my thoughts.. and keep in mind I don't have too may left to share... ;)

2HP Pentair Whisper flo - I would suggest a variable speed or two-speed pump. Keep it mind that with a SWCG you will have to run the pump longer to generate chlorine.

Cleaner 280 - I would suggest that you at least look into getting robot, which allow you to clean your pool without running any pumps... See this thread...

Pentair heater 2000BTU - I don't have heater, but most people here prefer the RayPak heaters...

Salt water pool - Makes sure your SWCG is 2 x the size of your pool.. So for an 18K pool you will need a 40K rated SWCG.

You don't need automation, but if you are thinking about it, it is much better to have it installed during the pool build.

Thanks for posting and looking forward to your build,

Jim R.
Apr 28, 2016
Thank you.

-Pump. I was looking into the pump options and this is where I will need some help with. Have my homework ahead of me on this. Any certain models I should look at?
-Cleaner. How are robots with leaves? Being by a greenbelt we get mountains of leaves all of the time.
-Heater. Will look into the RayPak.
-SWCG. I believe it will be an IC60

I just saw some automation info and I am very curious on the price of those. If I do go this route, will I need to stick with just Pentair products and what else would I need for this? I will make sure to ask the PB about this.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Well, I am a die hard Pentair kind of guy, but the real key to automation is make sure that the Pump, SWCG, and automation is all the same brand, All Pentair, or all Hayward, or all etc... All the major brands all have about the same type of products.

The reason you do this is because these three units all have to talk to each other and every brand has their own language.

I have a Pentair EasyTouch system, with the SWCG built into the automation system. The EasyTouch talks via a serial cable to my Intelliflo pumps, so everything works flawlessly. In my case I also have ScreenLogic 2, which also allows me to see the operation of my pool on my PC, Tablet, or phone.

No one needs automation, but I love mine.

For example, if I look at my ScreenLogic link

1. I see that at this moment the pool temp is 73 degrees.
2. That my SWCG is set to 25% and that the salt level is at 2900 ppm.
3. My pump is running at 1,200 RPM and using only 160 watts.
4. If I want to change my pump speed, or increase the SWCG's output it takes clicking one icon.
5. If I want to add water to my pool I can click another icon.
6. It turns on my landscape lighting
7. Runs my waterfall for 10 minutes a day to keep the water fresh.

The EasyTouch runs the pool based upon the things that I have told it to do.


Jim R.


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Apr 7, 2015
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You've got everything I would need to be happy! A nice size container with water in it, equipment and soon to be ordered and delivered test kit to keep the water moving and clean! And..... you live in Austin!!! The experts around here will help you with the other details. The icing on the cake for me that you're looking at are the heater, the swcg, and possibly a robot. I love my robot, but.... I only have about a one month period of heavy leaf drop. I'm not sure anything would keep up with that. Other pool owners with more trees than me can speak better about the pros and cons of different cleaner types.

Congrats on your new pool adventure!!!
Apr 28, 2016

They began the framing today and I am very concerned with the height of the pool. We have a large slope in our yard and it seems as if it the framing is way too high, especially at the steeper end (it's higher than my back fence). PB says it is this high due to the rain and mud that would get into the pool but i feel like it's BS. He is raising it to be level with the house. What can I do here?

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