New build Atlanta—huge issue—need suggestions


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Oct 3, 2018
Look at that spa!! Now I'M speechless. It is truly amazing. Imo, you get the best out of Lightstreams tile on horizontal surfaces that are underwater. You have nailed it with the spa. I have the same tile on my spa benches. After 4 years, I still oooo and awww every time I see the sun hitting the spa benches. There's nothing like it. You may want to wear sunglasses the first few times you look at it. It's that dazzling! Bravo! :party:

Suz, I figured you would especially like it since you are lightstreams fan. I was trying to impress you. ?
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Jul 16, 2010
Portland, Oregon
OK, I am now a Lightstreams fan too. Although that website leaves a lot to be desired...

Almost (almost...) makes me want to go back to Manteca just to walk through the showroom.