New AGP pump question


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Jun 17, 2011
Central Iowa
Good morning!
I am replacing our current 2HP pump and have a question on if the one I am eyeing will work well with our pool size and filter size. I am looking at the Hayward SP15922S Power-Flo Matrix 2 speed 1HP. My concern is if this will be enough pump for our 27' round pool with 250lb sand filter. We don't have a heater or SWG. I don't have one now but would like to get a robot cleaner someday to save me some vac time during the week so there is that to consider as well.

Are there any other pumps to consider that are good quality? Our current 2HP Hayward we seemed too have more trouble with than I hoped. Leaking into motor compartment, seals.....and now I think bearings just went out completely = my search for new pump.

thanks everyone!


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Apr 1, 2007
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That's a very fine choice. You matched the pool, pump and filter perfectly. You will save a lot of money running that pump as opposed to your current 2 HP model.