Need to SLAM, rain coming


Aug 9, 2018
Durant, OK
A couple questions please? I need to perform a SLAM on my pool. I understand liquid chlorine is best to use, but is liquid bleach the same thing? And/or used in same quantities?
Also there is rain in our forecast. Possible today, clear tomorrow, then two days of rough weather. Is it a waste of time and effort to slam before rain?


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Apr 17, 2010
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Liquid bleach IS liquid chlorine and comes in different strengths, from 3% to clean chicken coops up to at least 12 I know of. Different quantities for different strengths---see Poolmath app bottom of home page. Some SLAMS can take upwards of 2 weeks if nasty so just adjust as necessary.
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Apr 1, 2007
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Don't put off your SLAM because of the weather forecast. You can SLAM right through any rain and your tests and additions will still be essentially valid. If your pool needs to be SLAMmed now, it will be worse if you wait for good weather.