1. PowerPigg!!

    Thought it was mustard, now not so sure

    I began SLAM process 5 days ago to address what appears to be mustard algae, but now I wonder if I have misidentified what I have, and have the additional complication of having slacked in frequency of chlorine upkeep due to emergency work time demands since Wednesday. My logs are shared so all...
  2. C

    Going on vacation for 6 days

    We are new to pools as ours was finished about a month ago. We are leaving for 6 days so I am wondering what to do. Note that our SWG is not turned on yet so it’s a regular chlorine pool for now. I know I should SLAM before I leave but what else? PH is at 7.8 but rises quick since pool is new...
  3. J

    5 days of slamming and pool still cloudy/turquoise

    So at about my breaking point with this pool so I decided to post for some help from the experts. Pool was closed by local pool store and for the first time - when I opened this year it was the greenest I've ever seen. (1st photo) I'm wondering what caused this in the first place as I had...
  4. C

    how long do I have to wait between balancing ph and slamming with chlorine

    I replaced 1/2 of the water in the pool (lowered CYA to 50) and I want to SLAM it. I balanced the ph & alk 1 hr ago (soda ash) , wondering how long do I have to wait before adding the liquid chlorine to slam FC level?
  5. S

    SLAM - Struggling to get to FC shock level

    Howdy TFP, I've been trying to get my pool to Shock level for the past 36 hours with little success. The pool math app keeps advising to add 2 gallons of 10% chlorine every time I test but I can't seem to get above ~2 FC. I'll even test 15 minutes after adding to see if I get a quick spike but...
  6. M

    Jumped in head first into the deep end with our first pool, thank God I found TFP! (Things I learned about SLAM and Pool Stores)

    Quick background: After purchasing a new home that came with a pool, I knew my knowledge was at a solid zero and that I'd need some major help. We turned to the company that the home's previous owners used to open/close the pool which informed us they no longer serviced our area. So I did some...
  7. shaffe43

    [SOLVED] Opening 2022 water not clearing up and scum (?) white mold (?) on top layer

    Hello all! I have had this pool for 10 years now. This is the first time I have opened the pool w/ the new pump and cartridge filter. I am running the pump at a constant 3150 RPM. The flow rate says ~80 GPM Depending on how many leaves have fallen into the pool/skimmer basket. The PSI on the...
  8. Old Guard

    Grand SLAM

    Over the past few months, I have become the "chemical czar" over 800,000 gallons spread out over four pools in three locations. This has been a 100% learning by doing, TFP and YouTube exercise. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King. One of my outdoor pools is a 126,000-gallon...
  9. N

    Clearing Algae Progression

    Stay true to the Slam Process, it works. One thing I will say though, make sure your equipment is working effectively. For the last 2 seasons I had my pool chemistry on point but the pool didn’t look like I wanted it too. I finally cut the piping this year to open up the sand filter and there...
  10. Z

    Loop Loc Covers & Pool Opening Question ?

    Hi Everyone - I have some questions about pool opening and pool covers. I have an old loop-loc cover that probably is in need of replacement. Each spring, I spend about a week sanitizing the water in my 43k gallon pool. When I remove the cover, the water is black – it’s disgusting. It entails a...
  11. S

    Start SLAM process w/ low pH?

    Hey everyone! Opened the pool today to no algae and just some cloudiness (yay). Most recent test results and log attached. Based on these results is it ok to start slamming? I’m mostly concerned since the pH is slightly lower than the recommended levels here on TFP to do so. Thanks for reading...
  12. A

    I messed up SLAM-ing and have CC--how long before my pool is swimmable?

    I needed to SLAM my pool while opening--it had a green tinge and 0 FC. I used roughly the same amounts of chlorine to do it as I did the last time I SLAM-ed, forgetting that I added CYA since then and need way more chlorine than what I remembered to reach SLAM levels. I've already passed an...
  13. P

    Cloudy pool 2+ weeks into SLAM despite passing OCLT and CC under 0.5

    I am two weeks into a SLAM to get my 26K gallon AG pool operational. I have seemingly tried everything under the sun to get my pool clear - it is currently a cloudy light blue and has not improved much over the last week (maybe 5% better in one week). If I look closely I can barely see my pool...
  14. rbwamsley

    Preparing for my first SLAM

    Hi All, I'm preparing to do my first SLAM starting Thursday night. I'm keeping my water balanced as best as I can until then. I'm waiting until then so I can give it the attention that is needed. Also, it is supposed to rain today and tomorrow, so I'm hoping that will drop my CYA to an...
  15. lightmaster

    Bought house with a swamp pool

    Just bought a house that the owners didn't take care of the pool very well. It's 35k gallons with sand filter and SWG (not using yet due to swamp). CYA was below min reading of test, so been working on adding enough CYA to get to 40ppm and using a FC target of 20ppm. SLAMed for 2 days, using 24...
  16. V

    Can't get CC below 0.5 ppm

    I've SLAMmed it several times, and the best I can do is 0.8. If I don't SLAM on the reg, it will be between 1 and 2. I figure I must be doing something wrong for my setup. Here are the factors that I think are influencing my process: My < 1 year old tub came with an ozonator It's under a tree...
  17. J

    FC dropping like it's hot (in my spa)

    Hey all, First, thank you for this forum. I've learned a lot! I think I'm also very confused. After having some company for the weekend, I noticed that my FC went to 0. I decided to do a SLAM to bring it back to health. Post SLAM, FC levels (once I started measuring again) went from 12 to 5 in...
  18. flipmodemedian

    SLAM plan

    Hi all, just had my pool totally redone (plumbing, pebbletec, filter and pump), and I got lazy with my chlorine and now it's green. Since some of my test results are weird, I wanted to check before I SLAMmed. My CYA is very low, so would like some advice before I start. 15,000 gal pool -...
  19. S

    Huge Pasture Behind Pool- Farm Dust, Pollen or Mustard Algae?

    Hey there y'all! New to having a pool this year and have been dealing with brownish yellow dust for the past month or so. I have used Yellow Out and done the full cycle and Green to Clean and done the full cycle and am still dealing with the same issue. There is a fine yellow brown dust coating...
  20. T

    Desperate Algae Defeat

    First year pool owner. I’ve been following the pool stores directions on how to care for my pool. The pool store is also the same company that put the pool in for full disclosure. My pool is now completely green. They keep selling me I’ll decide to pour into it and telling me to turn my...
  21. S

    Algae prevention

    So, back in July I went through a algae problem which I was able to successfully overcome through SLAM. However, since then, I feel like it comes back so easily even though I have been making sure to keep the chlorine over the recommended levels for my CYA and I feel like I am constantly running...
  22. DuchessJen

    SLAMmed with 8% liquid bleach - CYA through roof?

    What? I started my SLAM at 40 CYA, using liquid chlorine, 8.25% Sodium Hypochlorite. I just finished my slam, checking my levels and they are: FC: 13.5 CC: 0 CYA: 100 Where did this CYA come from???
  23. B

    Robot during SLAM

    There's been a bit of a heat wave in southern Ontario and my pool got away from me. Noticed some green sediment on the bottom. About to start a slam, but the dolphin has been sitting in there for a couple days. I see lots of threads about whether it's helpful to run the robot, but that not my...
  24. DuchessJen

    Pool FF 0.4. SLAM?

    Hi! Do I need to slam? My pool data is: FC: 0.4 CC: 0.2 pH: 8 TA: 110 CYA: 50 Thanks!
  25. R

    Questionable CYA/Slamming/Swimming

    Hey all I have a "what if" scenario.. If you are not entirely sure what the cya level my example Im pretty sure I can't see dot at 40ppm cya so I rounded up to 50 cya...I am slamming at 20ppm chlorine. Now say it really is 40ppm cya and I'm calling it at it safe for my family to...
  26. D

    Help with SLAM - water clarity after algae

    First time pool owner. I forgot to add chlorine to pool going away for a long weekend, and came back to a green pool. That Tuesday I followed the advice on the taylor kit booklet table in the back and added 4 gallons of chlorine to add 30 ppm. Killed the algae overnight since the pool was blue...
  27. goodyFH

    Cloudy pool, help!!!

    Backstory: Bought house with pool in January. Got it going good with yalls advise. I bought a stenner pump and a drum of chlorine. its been going good. I go on vacation last week, i thought i had plenty chlorine in the stenner but i was wrong. Got home saturday to a very green pool. I poured a...
  28. A

    Mustard Algae

    I’ve been SLAM’ing for close to a week - my second time doing so because I think I jumped the gun a day or two early last time I believe. I have passed the OCLT three mornings in a row. CC is virtually zero. But there is still a small amount of mustard algae every 12 hours or so, when I vacuum...
  29. A

    Do I need to slam?

    Latest test results: Calcium - 450 TA - 90 CYA - 70 pH - above 8.2 Salt - 3200 FC - 1.5 CC - .5 TC - 2 We have been getting a few monsoon storms lately in AZ. Last week I had to drain some water out. The water level was just under the concrete walkway. FC is really low, that's why I'm thinking...
  30. A

    How to figure out whether/how to do a water exchange?

    I am taking over a pool on a new house that I just bought. Still waiting for my test kit to see just what the water looks like from the items I can test, but regardless of what I get from the test I've been mulling over doing a water exchange just so I can start with a clean-ish slate. My pool...