1. R

    Pool SLAM foaming

    Hey everyone! At the end of last year I had other things going on and let the pool get away from me a little bit, then made the horrible decision to just let it sit and fester over the long winter.. fast forward to two weeks ago, I had this nasty green pool you couldn't see half an inch into...
  2. M

    Reconciling Recommendations for SWG SLAMs

    I'm a new pool owner and have found everything here super useful for getting up to speed with my pool. I'm a little confused on the advice concerning SLAM with salt-water though. On the one hand, it is usually recommended here that the SWG be turned off for a SLAM as its contribution is very...
  3. CombatVet13

    First filter clean and SLAM!

    I went through my first SLAM, and first Cartridge filter clean since the completion of my first pool Opening Mid July. Had a pool party this past Sunday, and the following day, I noticed I was going through chlorine abnormally high. Water remained clear etc., but fearing there was something in...
  4. D

    Pool math warn against slam

    I think my levels are linked to my account in the forum, but here they are. Pool is about 20,000 fresh water. Not using tabs or anything that has CYA (as far as I know). I'm using 12.5% bleach and music acid. FC 6.5 CC. 5 CYA 65 - down from of the charts after tablet and shock use PH 7.4 - I...
  5. Nate4429

    Might need to SLAM???

    Ok so still in my first summer as a pool owner and all was great until a couple weeks ago we had a week of rain and I noticed my chlorine levels dropping. I’ve got them back up but then back off to normalize my chlorine input and down goes FC. 🚩 Here are my current numbers as of 5 min ago. I...
  6. M

    SLAM valve settings

    Hi all, I haven't seen much other pool equipment, but I'd guess mine is typical in that you can direct water coming to the filter/pump through either the main drains or skimmer (to various degrees), and water returning to the pool can run out the wall jets or to the positive pressure vacuum...
  7. S

    SLAMming a green swamp, but with complications

    I've SLAMMED my own pool in years past and this week I'm trying to help some friends with their pool, since I've had some experience and also I've got a little free time. Please see attached photos. I've read this Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis and I know what I have to do...
  8. J

    CYA on a SWG Pool during SLAM

    Hello Everyone. Long time member but mostly a reader. I am very late into the opening of my pool this year. I have a SWG pool and I got my CYA up to 30. I am wondering about the need to have it in the 70's now since my SWG is shutoff until I am done with the SLAM process. Is it necessary to...
  9. Shock Explained

    Shock Explained

    Seldom is there a term that confuses new users more than Shock. It may mean a product or an action. This confusion often causes new users to take actions tha...
  10. E

    SLAM; Solar Cover

    New to pool care. I just started SLAM. I have a brand new, still in box, blue 8 year solar cover. Do I leave it off for the duration of SLAM or is it safe to put it on?
  11. M

    SLAM going on FOREVER

    Hello all -- I've been a member for several years, and had good success, but I'm really struggling to get my pool open this year. I have been in SLAM mode for two weeks as of today, and while I'm seeing progress, my rate of improvement is so slow that I'm afraid it's going to be time to close...
  12. FC/CYA Ratio

    FC/CYA Ratio

    Perhaps a cornerstone element of Trouble Free Pool Care (TFPC) is understanding the relationship between the chlorine in your pool and the stabilizer you put...
  13. thephatp

    Preparing to SLAM

    Moved from here. I'd like to piggyback here, as I'm about to start a SLAM myself. I'm trying to get rid of 2 tiny spots of black algae (both less than dime size), one small spot of green algae (less than a quarter), and the remnants of mustard algae (this was kind of bad, and I shocked it...
  14. M


    I’m a fairly new pool owner.. bought this house with a pool about 2 years ago and have had nothing but problems with keeping it up. I even had to drain it completely last year and refill. I think one of the main problems is just age.. the house is about 20 years old and I’m thinking the pool...
  15. H

    SLAM Interrupted

    SLAM question for the experts... I was a little lax in my pool care leading up to our summer here in Phoenix and got home last week from a work trip and had some green. I SLAM’d Saturday and Sunday, the pool was crystal but I am honestly a little unsure on my OFCLT. The lighting can be tricky...
  16. G

    Need to SLAM, rain coming

    A couple questions please? I need to perform a SLAM on my pool. I understand liquid chlorine is best to use, but is liquid bleach the same thing? And/or used in same quantities? Also there is rain in our forecast. Possible today, clear tomorrow, then two days of rough weather. Is it a waste of...
  17. SLAM


    SLAMing your pool is the best way to eliminate algae, sanitize your pool and get your water crystal clear. If you have algae, or the CC level is above 0.5, o...
  18. Finished


  19. M

    MA slam for weeks, Mustard Algae will not die

    I have tried everything. Regular SLAM then MA SLAM. For weeks now. Wore out the steel brush. Pump on 24/7. Tried applying bleach directly on to the algae areas with a 10’ plumbing pipe (a trick a pool guy showed me once). Nothing works. Passing OCLT but the mustard is still there. Walls and...
  20. Yucky


  21. RSAnative

    NO CYA

    Hello Forum! I opened my pool Monday and it was greener than previous years. So I began my SLAM. I SLAM'D it based on my reading from the end of the year for CYA levels, which were around 30. So I SLAM'd at about 16 for FC. However, I tested my CYA levels and it's reading zero. The pool is...
  22. M

    Slamming with SWG

    Hi Guys! Quick question, I have read that when slamming it is not needed to run the SWG. Which I don’t do...With that being said my CYA is 40. Should I slam with a CYA of 40 pass the OCLT then add stabilizer before running SWG. Or should I add stabilizer during the slam so when I pass the OCLT...
  23. M

    SLAMing inground pool with DE filter, no recirculate...

    This is my first time opening a pool. I think I closed down too early last fall and therefore opened up my pool to a nice shade of dark green. Never fear! I am a true believer in the TFP SLAM method and have stocked up on liquid chlorine. I went through my first day, lots of sweeping and...
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  26. J

    0% Chlorine all summer

    So last year I became a new pool owner and before I found this site, I added about 6 bags of cal hypo to my pool to shock it and ran the filter for a few days non-stop. The cal-hypo of course raised my CH but kept it within safe range. Once I found this site, I tried to apply the slam process...
  27. Rackel

    Chemistry Tests Look a SLAM required?

    We had our IG pool resurfaced in December and chemistry was balanced immediately after by our pool guy. I took over maintenance after a few weeks and was simply brushing, vacuuming, monitoring chlorine and pH levels until a couple of weeks ago. We had zero CYA because of the new water, so I...
  28. B

    Slam Question re CYA and Chlorine Addition

    Starting up and we need to SLAM. Our CYA is 0. So two questions for guidance: 1. To raise the CYA is there a top limit of how much of the Clorox CYA to add at one time - or use the entire amount of CYA as recommended on the label for the water volume of the pool. 2. Can I add a limited...
  29. S

    New member

    Hi all, Just joined, tried to before but it said registration was closed. Starting the BBB method this year. Added a SWCG and VSP over the winter while pool was closed. Opened pool to no FC and white water mold coming out of skimmers when I pulled the gizmos out. Also, my CYA level when from...
  30. HolliG

    Muddy pool SLAM cleanup

    Southern California had a lot of rain this year and a few weeks ago our bank had way too much overnight and mud ran down our slide steps and into the pool. We woke up to a very brown pool. We never had this problem the year before so looks like it’s only an issue with large amounts of rain. We...