Natural Gas Pool Heater - Indoor Install


Jun 10, 2016
Ontario, Canada
We bought a house last year and all the pool equipment is inside in the basement the house addition. We want to add a pool heater and just wondered if there was anything special about the install other then making sure that the vent is the right size? I saw that the raypak has power vent options which means the vent can be smaller. Anyone have any comments on the various setups.

Also when it comes to BTU size. Our pool is about 88000 liters or 23250 gallons. Is bigger always better when it comes to BTUs? Or like a pump should it be sized correctly for the pool size. Where we are we have TOU rates for our electricity so we tend to run the pump during those times (7pm-7am M-F and all Day weekends and holidays). So we would like to get the temp of the pool up as quickly as possible.


In The Industry
Nov 8, 2011
You need fresh air coming in as well as the exhaust air. Make sure to have a big enough fresh air intake. Bigger will heat the pool faster just make sure the heater is shut off before the pump turns off so the heat exchanger is properly cooled