Motor dead?


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Jul 20, 2018
Halifax, NS (Canada)
So the motor in my hot tub wouldn't turn on, so to try to isolate whether it was the motor or the control board, I took the pump out and hooked it up independently. Flipped the power on and it sparked (at which point I shut it off immediately). I'm 99% sure it was wired correctly (same as my pool pump), but either way, between the spark and the burning smell, it's clear it shorted - what I don't know is whether this was the first time or if that's the reason it hadn't worked all along. In any case, anyone here know a lot about electric motors? Clearly the stator has soot on it, but I think the short is behind the support. Any chance of getting this fixed for cheaper than replacing it? I'm guessing it's done...



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Jul 20, 2017
Windsor, Ontario. Canada
Did you check to see if you have the correct voltage at the motor Before you unhooked it. A fuse may be blown or should be blown if that smoked up short happened when wired in. I "think" if it smoked just after you "rewired" it then you caused that burn job to happen, SORRY, lol.... BUT not being on site i am just guessing from your description and images.