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May 23, 2010
we recently put in a 28' AG. Had to excavate the back hill out so pool and new deck would meet up with existing covered deck. All is good, except the ground around the pool is now rain soaked and holding water. This is the front of the hill, so it goes from about 3.5 ft to 0 as it goes around. We didn't build a retainging wall there. Just sloped the hill and put sand stone over it. So now it seems we have this basin of water and today I noticed that the liner on that side has some indents of about 2". Wall seems fine and it is still level. Any suggestions on what to do to get and keep this water from collecting around the pool base?


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Feb 23, 2008
Denton, TX
When things dry out, you might consider having someone install a PVC drainage system for you that will take that water away. Some surface drains around the pool that empty into a buried 4" PVC drain that runs out to a pop-up in a distant part of the yard somewhere would work.


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Aug 2, 2008
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Hey this "was" my issue but usually during spring. My pool is about 4' below the rear part of the land and have approx a 40' very wet spot above that gets my yard flooded during the spring season.. What I have done is rented a small tractor from home depot with a 18" bucket.. I dug down approx 3' deep x 100'. The end of the trench was near the woods on the side of my house... I put approx 6" of crushed rock on the bottom than laid drainage pipe down, the black one full of holes.. I than filled the section in front of the hill (Approx 30") with Crushed rock all the way to the top. Than The rest of the trench I just backed filled with the stuff I took out. I also put larger rocks on top to block the rushing water.. Works perfect.. No more back yard floods..


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Apr 2, 2007
I just dug a trench around the side of the pool with the adjoining hill and put some 4" perforated big-o (sock covered) into the trench then backfilled with gravel - this runs out into the yard.