Metal frame pool liner and level issue


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Jul 28, 2019
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Hi guys,
I'm not a first-time pool owner, but I am a first-time metal frame pool owner and have some issues going on. For 1, I intend to keep this pool up year-round, so my issues need to be resolved. And 2, I'm OCD and want a great looking pool...:LOL: So anyway, here's my issue...

The pool is a Pro Series 26 x52. I tried to level the ground as best as I could for about a good week. We had about 5 legs that would of been about 4 inches off, all the legs had at least one block. I did not dig them in the ground. I'm a 1 person show pretty much of preparing this pool. I had very little help and am also disabled, so I got very ill putting this together from breaking ground to putting water in it. Anyway, I also have a VERY impatient husband. So he decided to help and told me I was crazy to have the low end up on 3, 1 inch blocks, so to avoid arguing I let him take them down. He also said I do not need to have the legs on blocks, again, to avoid arguments, he got his way. Then again, to avoid arguments I wasn't allowed to have the proper time to get the liner to my liking, he doesn't care if it has wrinkles and wrinkles to me are a pet peeve and the auto vac gets stuck on wrinkles, but not his job to clean the pool so he didn't understand the frustration, but there are no wrinkles :sneaky:. Anyway, I gave in way too many times to avoid conflict, I was grateful to get the help getting this done. Now I have to take it down and redo it and that's a waste of $400 of water and I am sick over it. I'm sick over the fact that 3/4 of the pool looks fantastic, then you turn around and are like "wth went wrong?" :ROFLMAO:.

I tried to jack the pool up as others with this pool do but it's about 4 inches off and it was creaking, so I didn't chance it. So once the cooler whether stays more frequently I'm going to take it down and adjust it. This is what I need advise on....
Where the pool is the deepest the liner is way under the "wall area", so I am assuming I need to pull more to this leg, which means I will need to completely drain it.
IF I do drain this all the way down, will this liner go back into its perfect shape and again be wrinkle free as I know traditional liners normally don't?
On the backside of the area going from the ladder to the center leg, it looks like that leg is on a hill and leaning inward, I do not know if that is an illusion from the slope to the ladder, as on the inside of the pool it looks perfect. Should I worry about that area or just worry about raising the lower section and pulling some of the liner over to the lower area?
And as I told him, if we take the legs off the blocks they will sink, he assurd me they would not, I knew they would and several have, especially on the low side. Since most of this pool is great as far as being close to level, I don't want to mess it up by digging out these 1 inch pavers, are there any smaller pavers I can use for the legs?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

We always hate taking sides in the husband/wife disputes that occur over AGP setup. There are many others here with similar stories.

I think you know what you need to do. Let’s see what ideas come your way.


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Jul 16, 2010
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Oh, I'm not even gonna go back to disputes that don't make sense. That was stupid, and I divorced it. That being said..

You situation is simple. The ground and all the footings need to be level. The pool water shows you which need to be adjusted.

I don't see it as an issue that needs to be resolved this season. Your pool is not so out of alignment that it will fail. No one will die. It is out of level, but you can fix it over winter and into next spring.