Maryland Builder Recommendations and Ballpark Pricing Guesses


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Jun 6, 2014
Sykesville, MD
Hi all-

About five years ago, we considered building a pool, but got overwhelmed with options/life and decided to hold off - I am kicking myself based upon the prices I'm seeing now compared to then. I'm looking for any recommendations folks have for quality builders and any pricing you've come across. I'm seeing about $80K for the pool and we can add everything else form there - I have $150K in my head...



Nov 21, 2020
I’m in Maryland and in process of finishing my new pool. $150K is probably about right but really depends on all of the options. It can be significantly more (as I can attest to) when including masonry, kitchen, landscaping, etc. we also have a spa and auto cover which add a lot to the price.


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Aug 24, 2020
I live in Sykesville too. We just signed a contract for a new gunite 18x40 freeform pool. Price was about $73k for the pool plus another $16k for heater, swg, cover, lights, water features and a few other options. Due to the grade, we opted for a raised bond beam instead of a retaining wall, so we threw in some water features as well. About $112k all in (for now). Working permits now, and hoping to dig by April.

I wish we did it 5 years ago too.


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Jul 16, 2012
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Didn't see your thread originally. Ours was roughly $100K all in, in 2013. You can see the pics in our build thread link in my signature. We used Vista Pro Landscape & Design and were very pleased. No process goes perfectly but the owner is a stand up guy and that makes all the difference. They are based in Davidsonville. My second favorite PB in the interview process was Elite Pools, but since we had significant hardscape issues due to our slope, I ended up going with a more integrated supplier from that perspective.