Lurker turned member, now how does one do a signature?


Aug 5, 2019
Orange County, CA
I've scoured this site for many an answer. And many have been found. (Thanks all!!!)

This is my second year as a pool owner, and last year. all I knew to do was to follow the pool store's advice. I did have a sale guy who seemed to actually understand what was going on (for example, he told me there was no point in buying algaecide). But (as comes as no surprise), it didn't work.

Year two:
Reset up pool -> head to pool store -> pool store is closed.

So, TFP it is!!! My pool is doing great, but how does one create a signature? to give the info about my pool?

Thanks so much!
~Mrs Buckle


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Jul 16, 2010
Portland, Oregon

Good thing that store was closed!

To do your signature on desktop, click on "Settings" in the left menu, then in the next submenu you'll see "Signature".

On mobile/tablet, tap on the hamburger menu (3 lines) in the upper left, then tap "Settings". In the middle is a gray button that says "Your Account". That will open another menu, scroll down for "Signature".