Low PSI on sand filter


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Okay, I've had my sand filter for about a month or so, and overall I love it. There are a few leaks, but only when I backwash, so in my mind it's not a big deal.

My question is, what is normal psi? My filter generally runs at 1 or 2 psi when the filter is clean, and I backwash when it gets to 3 or 4. It's supposed to hold 50 lbs of sand, but we could only get about 30 lbs in there. Do we need to add more sand? Get a new gauge? Stop worrying and have an adult beverage?

Could my water really be that clean?


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Jul 16, 2010
Portland, Oregon
I'm running the baby version (1200gph) of the Intex sand filter and the pressure just barely goes into the yellow when I have to backwash due to low flow. I can't recall what the psi is at the moment but I know it's super low because when I first checked it I was weirded out about the low number. I don't watch the gauge, I can just tell when the return flow is restricted and the skimmer weir door doesn't pull in well. That gauge is stupid if you ask me.

FWIW, I thought this filter wouldn't do the job because it was so small but it seems to do just fine so far. Water is perfect, even to the point of very little debris on the floor. I run the pump 7hr/day. I'm very surprised at it's capabilities. I do know that the big one would do a lot better at vacuuming but since it took so long for it to stop stinking of chloramines I never put sand in it and now I see no reason to since it's so late in the season and the other one works just fine. Shrug...


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May 12, 2016
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no manual found on blue torrent site, but found similar if not the same here:
says to fill at least half way but not more than 3/4 full. usually a quantity to use is listed. anyway, if you did this it should be okay. if you filled it full, you should probably remove some.
as to filter pressure, everyone's normal is their own. if you are getting good flow, you should be okay.