Lost Power due to Isaias. Advice on how to recover?


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Isaias barreled through Massachusetts last night. I've lost power and there is no timeline to get it back up.

Worried my FC is going to drop today given I can't run my pump and SWG. Advice on how to salvage the pool so I don't have to shut it down and do a SLAM / recovery for a few days?

I know it will depend on how long I'm down. I'm hooking up my generator tonight and hoping it can power my pool pump and SWG so at most I'll be down a day.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
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Add liquid chlorine. Brush it around. Or cal hypo. It may be more available.
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Aug 15, 2019
North NJ
I'm in the same situation. I scooped out the mass of leaves and debris yesterday but there is still a good amount of fine dirt on the bottom. I'm adding liquid chlorine each day and brushing to mix it all up, hopefully the power comes back on today.


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Apr 17, 2019
North East
I dose my pool with polyquat 60, It works great when I need a little help due to loss of power or when I’m not there a day or two. It keeps the algae at bay. I use it when I close during the winter also.
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