Liquid chlorine vs. Household Bleach


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Apr 7, 2020
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I've used the BBB method for a number of years now and have always used concentrated bleach from the grocery store...I had understood the basis of BBB was to convert household (grocery store) items to pool use. I am reading now that instead of household bleach, I should use liquid chlorine from Walmart and HD but am not clear if this is only in certain instances or if it replaces the household bleach. Help me to understand the difference and if I'm able to use concentrated bleach?

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Mar 11, 2015
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”Liquid Chlorine” from Walmart and HD is just concentrated bleach (more concentrated than the stuff in the laundry isle). Either is perfectly fine to use.

There’s been more discussion lately about it since in many areas laundry bleach is difficult to find.

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Jun 5, 2019
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In normal times, what you want to do is figure cost of the chlorine per percentage per ounce. So a 6% bleach at 2.50/gallon is not as cheap as Hasa 13% at $4.00/gallon as you will use less than half as much.

The other concerns lately are that laundry bleach is getting weaker as a cost savings measure for the manufacturers in many cases. Plus many are adding other chemicals such as splash guards... You don't want that.

Otherwise, do what is most cost effective for you.

Right now, if you compare Walmart generic bleach (if you can get it) to the Pool Essentials, the 10% Pool Essentials is a better deal. And yes you can use it as a laundry bleach too... :)