lid on pump basket

Jul 22, 2007
The lid on my pump basket is on so tight that I cannot get it off.
My pump won't prime either.
Any ideas on how to get the lid off?


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Mar 29, 2007
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Brook, welcome to TFP!! :-D Without knowing which pump you have, it's very (!) hard to help you. There is a sticky in the "Pool School" section which tries to explain the need for specific info about your pool when asking questions (the person who wrote it is awesome!!! :roll: ) Without knowing you pump, you can try to loosen the lid with the pump running - this often works. Other pumps have 'torque points' which can have a 2X4 or wrench applied to them so as to facilitate lid removal.

If you'd post back with the pump type, someone here is almost sure to have a similar model and can give you specific help 8)

Again, welcome to this forum!! we will do our best to help answer any future questions you may have!