Let's See Your Test Kit!

Paul & Crystal

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May 25, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK
Oh...I remember reading this thread right before I got the pool. I'm glad it came back up. I was in awe at these great kits and couldn't wait to order my own. Mine is probably not too organized but this is what it turned into as I was using it.

This is where it lives in a cabinet in the pool house.


Everything I use most often is in the open tray. Reagents that I don't use as much stay in the box.


Here's my three ring binder log book with print outs of the log sheet I made...but it's too big...I'm now switching to the little black notebook and just writing things down like a journal. I'm not printing those sheets out forever! And I don't often use many of the columns anymore. Keepin' it TF!




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Jun 7, 2011
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Oh wow, look at Crystal and her fancy log books!! :deal:

Very nice Crystal, you'll find that useful someday in future I promise. Mine's just a cheapo journal book, but it won't crash.

And you have your own little Lab area. :stirpot: Suuweeet!


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Sep 17, 2017
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I had posted a pic of my new child TEST KIT over on the What did you do to your pool today thread; didn't know that this thread was out there until pooldv suggested it. So here is my new kit, from an Art Supply box I found at Michaels, and some added plastic dividers. The enthusiasts on this thread get the benefit of the second picture - the closed box with handle, making it super easy to tote around.



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May 23, 2015
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Are there ever any kids over at your house? I would be concerned with the reagents being too accessible. Mine are out of reach.
Teach your kids how to do the tests and let them see the color changes and count the drops. It's educational (simple math and science skills) and it's fun; heck, get them a pair of kid's safety goggles and some small sized disposable nitrile gloves and they'll have a blast. I find telling kids not to touch something only makes them more curious to play with the very thing I have told them not to do (typical kids). So it's better to teach them how to use the stuff and to be careful with it and then they're less likely to mess with it. Plus, the mystique wears off pretty quickly after the first few go-arounds and so they'll likely never want to bother with them again.
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May 17, 2018
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My test kit , based in TF-100 plus some additions/substitutions/modifications:
- SpeedStir with some pills
- K-1766 salt test
- TA reagents from a Taylor safety test (TF-100 TA fit too)
- R-0013 CYA reagent in a 4oz bottle to save some space
- 4oz distilled water
- 3oz water sample bottle
- small CYA mixing bottle from an old HTH kit (to save reagent if I know CYA>50)
- Extra vials
- Basic pH and OTO from the TF-100 out of the plastic box
- Acid demand reagent (sometimes it helps me to identify pH colors)


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Jun 9, 2015
Canton, GA
I never use the CSI wheel. I use pool math for that. However, I do use the book. It is easier to me to flip to it than it is to use pool math, although now I just do it based on memory most of the time (e.g., 2 drops of acid demand = a little over a qt of MA). It works for me.


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Jul 3, 2018
Test Kit Modification

Hi folks,
I came up with a modification for my various test kits. I have been using this now for about 3 weeks and I really like it, as I now have everything I need for complete testing in one kit.

I thought I would share my modification just to throw an idea out there if others might want an alternative for combining several different test kits into one. I'm sure others have maybe done the same, so this is just one example.




As you can see, I have the TF-100, K-1000, K1766, Borate strips, SpeedStir, pH meter and other misc items. I picked up a 22x14x8 Monoprice shockproof hard case with customizable foam on Amazon for about $64.00. I know, kind of pricey, but it had what I was looking for and a lot cheaper than a Pelican.

Funny story: I was over at one of the neighbors the other day, and his pool was not looking so good. So I told him I would bring over my test kit and advise him on what to do. When I showed up and opened up the kit, the look on his face was priceless. He looked at me like I had gone off the "deep end" (no pun intended). But then said, "no wonder your pool looks so nice". :D. I think I might have him convinced to start doing his own testing and get a TF-100.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Re: Test Kit Modification

I LOVE this! Everything has it place and is set up for max efficiency! WELL DONE! Love the stickers on it as well!

I bet your neighbor did about drop his jaw when he saw you open that up!!! :bowdown:

Kim :kim: