Leak Determined, Have Questions Please


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Apr 10, 2009
Last year we noticed at the end of the season we were adding more water than normal. So we just opened a week ago and did our own water loss measurements and came up with losing 1 5/8 inch per day, both with pump running for 24 hours, and pump not running for 24 hours. Same loss either way. With the size of our pool, that loss indicates 437 gallons per day.
We had a leak detection company come out today. Our hunch was correct. It is leaking in the skimmer chute right before the weir door (not in the skimmer throat though). The seal material is almost completely gone and the leak detection company said that was where our leak is. He was very certain about it and said it definitely could explain the loss of 437 gallons a day.

This is a diagram from InyoPools to give you an idea as I'm not sure how well I'm explaining this. If you were in the pool and looking at the arrow on the left coming into the skimmer chute, it's leaking right before the weir door only.

This is their estimate:
"This is an estimate to complete 1- skimmer crack injection on the skimmer of the pool.
The repair consists of injecting emocole into the hollow skimmer throat and filling
skimmer throat void. Will epoxy crack from top for a secondary barrier. The cost of the
repair is $495.00 and estimated repair time is 3 hrs and if additional time needed is
$145.The pool level needs to be dropped at least 2 inches below the skimmer opening
before we can begin this repair."

The guy told my husband all he was going to be doing is putting some kind of foam (emocole) backing into the part of the skimmer chute that is missing the sealing stuff. Then he's going to put sealant on top of the backing stuff.

So there's nothing wrong with the skimmer throat, it's just the part right before the weir door from inside the pool.

The price they're quoting for what they're going to do seems way high to me (we already paid them almost $400 for the leak detection).

Any opinions, thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
I'm not familiar with emocole I'd have to look it up. If they are filling the void completely and then sealing from the top that's a proper repair. I'm guessing this is a concrete pool based on your problem. It is high for a DIY type person. But if you figure its the busy season and a legit business has overhead, insurance, workmanship comp., etc. Its about right if they guarantee the work solves the leak. They have to make some type of money for coming out this time of year. The leak detection is a little high its 300ish here in NJ but again 'tis the season. That's alot of water to get lost behind the pool wall and under the deck. Theres going to be erosion and settling and a good seal is going to be tricky and have to be watched
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Apr 10, 2009
Jimmy, thank you so much for your reply. The pool walls are cinder block (?) with foam and then a vinyl liner. I'm guessing it was built sometime in the 80's.

I never heard of Emocole so looked it up. They sell to contractors only, but they did have a video on their method with a pool skimmer. However, they show drilling a 1/4 inch hole into the skimmer throat, then using the emocole to fill. My husband was adamant about the guy saying he was just going to fill the void before the weir door and then putting a sealant over it. The video Emocole shows otherwise so I'm pretty confused. The video is here if you're interested: Emocole skimmer pool bond video

In some ways I feel even if we have to pay that much, it could have been worse, I guess. I just want to be paying a fair price for what they're doing. It seems like the job would take at most 1/2 hour, but I could be wrong.

As to guarantee, I'd have to ask my husband again but I think he said the guy couldn't guarantee the skimmer void is 100% of the leak but at least 99% of it. As far as what their warranty is, I definitely need to find that out.

I also think their anxious for the job. 2 hours after the guy left, he called trying to set up an appt to do the repair. Their office also emailed us saying they penciled us in for next Wed.

I also have an SOS out to our PB. He's honest and very skilled. I'd love for him to do the repair. He has always done great work, but he's also very busy right now.

Anyway, thanks again for your reply, I greatly appreciate it.