Keep Salt Levels at 3200-3500 at temp of 56 and lower?


Feb 24, 2019
Rogers, Arkansas
I'm not closing my pool this winter, do i need to continue feeding salt (3200-3500 ppm) if the temp levels are 56 and will be dropping even more?
Should I turn off my SWG and just feed bleach when needed? I do plan on using my attached spa from time to time but i can isolate that when needed.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I agree with JamesW... I don't even test for salt during the winter... When the water temps gets below about 52 degrees, the SWCG will shut off and show a cold water warning... I use mine as long as possible before shutting it off..

When I do shut off the cell completely, I use liquid chlorine to keep my FC at my target value.


Jim R.