1. wille

    Again... more bleach?

    I have a SWG pool and my tests call for more bleach every few days. I am increasing the SWG percentage and am now up to 35%, which is high for me. The water is very clear. I need to add some stabilizer, but before that, I thought that I'd ask the pool brains, do I need to SLAM again? 93* every...
  2. N

    Needing ~1 gallon of bleach/day??

    I had to drain a bunch of my pool because of CYA of ~110 or so. Since that time I have been judicious with my use of trichlor and have instead been using bleach to sanitize. For my 14500 gallon pool I’ve been adding close to a gallon of bleach per day and that seems like a lot. Could there be...
  3. wille

    Adding chlorine and acid daily

    I do a full T-100 test weekly on my pool here in Florida, where it is 93* daily with 100% humidity. I make any/all additions that are called for. I go in the pool early in the day for a few minutes to cool off after our morning walk, so not a lot of bodies in the water. I do a pH and FC test...
  4. I

    Having a heck of a time finding regular bleach to chlorinate pool.

    What would be my next best alternative? I've had great luck with standard bleach over the years but due to pandemic this year, it's hard to come by.
  5. kelcgene

    A tad cloudy. Bleach issues or pH/TA problems?

    Hi all. We didn’t do a good job closing our pool for winter. We had a baby at the end of August and it was pretty green. We chucked bleach in it and called it good. It stayed uncovered for the winter. We opened it a bit early this year Since we knew it was going to be a beast. Since it was...
  6. B

    Pool got out of control!

    We neglected our pool for a few weeks (life got in the way) - and it is dark green, smells bad, and has fuffy stuff on the benches and floating on top. I scared to run the pump or our aqua-bot because I think they are going to get contaminated. We usually use the chlorine generator and add...
  7. S

    Just got a small pool for kids - need help

    Hi. Brand new to this site and forum. Also new to owning a pool. Just bought a 10ft round pool for my kids - stands 2.5 ft tall. Based on my calculations (using the formula Pi x Radius squared x depth of pool x 7.5) 3.14 x (5x5) x 2.5 x 7.5= 1472 I’m estimating the pool to be under 1500...
  8. Mich5928s.jpg


    bleach with Chloromax technology
  9. J

    0% Chlorine all summer

    So last year I became a new pool owner and before I found this site, I added about 6 bags of cal hypo to my pool to shock it and ran the filter for a few days non-stop. The cal-hypo of course raised my CH but kept it within safe range. Once I found this site, I tried to apply the slam process...