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    Pool got out of control!

    We neglected our pool for a few weeks (life got in the way) - and it is dark green, smells bad, and has fuffy stuff on the benches and floating on top. I scared to run the pump or our aqua-bot because I think they are going to get contaminated. We usually use the chlorine generator and add...
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    Just got a small pool for kids - need help

    Hi. Brand new to this site and forum. Also new to owning a pool. Just bought a 10ft round pool for my kids - stands 2.5 ft tall. Based on my calculations (using the formula Pi x Radius squared x depth of pool x 7.5) 3.14 x (5x5) x 2.5 x 7.5= 1472 I’m estimating the pool to be under 1500...
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    bleach with Chloromax technology
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    0% Chlorine all summer

    So last year I became a new pool owner and before I found this site, I added about 6 bags of cal hypo to my pool to shock it and ran the filter for a few days non-stop. The cal-hypo of course raised my CH but kept it within safe range. Once I found this site, I tried to apply the slam process...