I've got absolutely no clue where to start!


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Oct 26, 2014
Key West, FL
Love watching your posts and progress. Are you brushing and vacuuming? If you can't get rid of the limbs of the tree that keeps dropping leaves in your pool, you could set up some sail cloth over the pool. It might help a little. I can find some pics for you to give an example of what I am trying to convey. What are your current chemistry levels today?


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Apr 22, 2019
Those might be helpful! I joke about cutting the tree down but I think they’re coming from some of the tallest ones in my backyard... like, probably 80ft or something and there are several of them so I think i’m stuck with the leaves lol. They’re just like a dog shedding every time the wind even looks at them.

I haven’t been able to test today. Will have a break soon, but has been storming yet again and we have been under another tornado watch 😳
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Apr 22, 2019
so..much..debri..these storms!! There has been so much wind. I just ran out there and grabbed branches out of the pool, and things that are still floating, but a lot has sank already sighhh. It started raining again so I had to come in.

FC was 4.5, 0 CC. I don't think I need to maintain slam anymore but I'm just going to go ahead and do so until these storms are over and I treat the stains, so I bumped up to 10 again.


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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
You are being VERY smart to bump the FC up while this mess is going on!! Stay safe!! We need you around to help out!
I honestly think that is some of the reason I was able to clear my pool as quickly as I did after flooding thrashed it. I pushed up the FC to about 1/2 of what would be needed for SLAM a few hours before things got interesting.


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Apr 22, 2019
Hi guys!! I hope you all had a FUN weekend!! I DID! We went swimming all weekend and it's just fantastic :D I am SO happy and SO thankful to have come here for help!

So I started the stain treatment tonight. My FC was around 1, and my ph was at 7.2 (where it always is...never seems to move :oops: )

This was a pic before it got dark, those big blotches are mostly gone now but there seems to be a stubborn area left. Also, it didn't do a whole lot to the edges - I took a cup and walked around the edge with it and it clearly removed it 100% where the powder drifted, but I have had the filter in circulate mode for over an hour now and it's seeming to not do much to the areas where I wasn't able to just pour the powder. I ended up using the entire 5lbs I bought.

Any suggestions? I bought some more but it won't be here until Thurs. I added a bottle of Poly 60 also. I am scared of waiting until Thurs to continue.. if I added more Poly do you think I'll be alright until then?

To be clear - the stain is certainly lifting where I can get the powder directly on it so I don't think it's some other stain. It just doesn't seem like it's powerful enough whistle disbursed through the pool to take care of the edges.

Either way.. I never thought it would be SO BLUEEEEEE!



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Jul 10, 2012
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I am not sure about the filter answer. Will do some looking around to see if I can get a firm answer. My gut says to set it to filter to catch anything in the water.

Now for the edge stains.............can you put the powder in a pillow case and lay it down on the areas? Maybe use bricks or such to hold it down? Trying to think of something big enough to cover a big area that the powder can get through still.


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Why not put the ascorbic acid in a nylon hose then press it on the srain? The hose will give you a little scrubbing action and the hose will keep it from dissolving TOO quickly.

Could do the same thing for that big stain only use a cotton sock instead of a nylon.


Mar 16, 2019
Huntsville, Alabama
My guess (remember not an expert) but you may have lost some of the acid to the residual chlorine you had in the pool. What is your chlorine reading now? I ended up in the same situation and went to a pool store and bought locally some Ascorbic acid stain remover. It cost me twice as much for half the amount but I didn’t have to wait. I suspect a little more may do the trick for you. Just remember when you start balancing again to keep your chlorine on the low side for a while and keep your PH around 7.2. If you see any stains starting back lower your PH and add more sequesterant. Polyquat is your friend through this process!

I kept my filter working through the process - not sure about what you should do but I didn’t have any problems.

I put some vitamin C in a sock (crushed it) and rubbed it on any stubborn stains. It seemed to last in the sock better than the Ascorbic acid powder did.


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Apr 22, 2019
Oooooh. Just getting up and glanced outside; I guess the AA just needed time. My liner is crystal clear!!! It’s ALL gone! I’m going to grab some breakfast and then i’ll grab a pic.

So the next step is sequester. Should I test my ph or anything first? Or not worry about it until it’s time to rebalance?

I also did put it back in filter mode before I went to sleep.


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Apr 22, 2019
This was the best 'before pic' I have. I should have taken some more closer to the liner; oh well!
I'm going to cry it's so pretty now lol.


My test results
FC: 0
PH: 6.8 or lower
TA: 60
CH: 100, but it never turned red. It went purple. I added drops from there?
CYA: My first instinct was 30, but I added just a little bit more and then I was sure it was gone. Not even half way between the 30 and 20 mark. Should I still round it up to 20?

Should I raise my ph before adding metal magic?