Issues with IC60 and zero chlorine levels


Apr 24, 2019
Clarksville, MD
I still consider myself very much a pool newbie, so hopefully I'm not missing something super obvious here...

I converted our pool this year to saltwater when we first opened it. Took me awhile to dial everything in, but the water has been crystal clear for months now. The main problem: my total chlorine and free chlorine levels are zero. Always.

I'm in Northern Maryland. Pool is completely exposed to sun a majority of the day.

Total Hardness: 250 ppm
pH: 7.2
Total Alk: 80 ppm
Cyanuric acid: 50 ppm
Salt level: 3,300 ppm

Pool is about 33,000 gallons and I have an IC60 on it, running at 100%. Even if I put it into superchlorinate mode, no dice (although I did see the chlorine pop up to around 0.5 ppm after superchlorinating once). Whether I run the pump 12 hours a day or 24 hours a day makes no difference. It is on. Plumbed in correctly (I think). Usually about 50-70 gpm going through it, but never more than 80 gpm so I didn't put it on a bypass. We do have an in-floor cleaning system.

Water is crystal clear. Main concern is coming from my two dogs. They swim 2-3 times a week and we've noticed them both itching like CRAZY this year, which never happened last year when we were a chlorine pool. I don't test for anything other than what's listed here using Hach test strips.

Thoughts? Help? Next steps?

Thank you!


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

What you say is almost impossible.. an IC60 running at 100% for 24 hours will produce an 8 ppm increase in your FC...

Even if you had an algae bloom, that you have yet to see, you should see some FC in your pool.. Something is wrong

So, either the cell is not working at all, or you are not testing correctly..

What test kit are you using?

If this were my pool, I would run an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test... Overnight Chlorine Loss Test After dark, I would add 2 full gallons of 10% Liquid chlorine and test after half an hour.. You should have an FC of about 6 ppm.. Test again in an hour and see if it is still 6 and then again in the morning before sunrise and see what you have... You must have you SWCG OFF when running an OCLT...

Go look at the cell when it is supposed to be working.. Set the output to 100% and tell us what lights are on.. If the cell light is on the cell should be producing chlorine.


Jim R.