Is Bluestone travertine actually marble?


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Jan 17, 2021
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HI all,
So, we really love the look of a product the supplier is calling Bluestone travertine marble. Supposed to be from Turkey(for whatever that is worth knowing). It is has an incredible feel and no pits - literally none. It has gorgeous color and some movement with white veining. We've been told it is not slippery when wet. I would love to hear from any homeowners who have installed this product as well as PBs that have used the product. We also love that it is straight lines for our rectangular pool (versus flagstone).
We have a slate patio that will be only slightly separated from the pool decking by a fence so our decking needs to work that- we definitely don't want to use slate for the pool decking. Many thanks for all responses!


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Aug 10, 2017
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Bluestone is a variant of granite type rock. If it's from turkey amd being called marble it likely is a marble with bluestone type colors. Marble is a softer stone make sure its approved for outdoor/pool use
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