Intex SWG about to be plumbed in


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May 18, 2018
Edmonton, Alberta
Our SWG arrived so it's time for me to decide how I plumb it in. If I understand correctly from the documentation that came with it the unit needs to run for 3 hours per day. It also says the filter needs to run for six hours per day. Not sure why the difference?

Our pool is around the 2500gal mark (see signature) and we are running an Intex 16" Krystal Clear Sand Filter for 4 hours per day (3,000gph pump, system flow rate 2,450gph)...yes, far in excess of the recommended min pool size...could likely get away with running 2 hours per day.

I'm trying to determine the best way to install the SWG. I most certainly could insert it after the pool heater on the return to the pool. However, I also have the 800gph cartridge filter pump (the one that came with our pool) that I could put back into service using the pool's factory dual outlets and just drop the return in over the pool's edge so the SWG could be it's own system, saving the big filter for the daily chore solely. I ALSO have a larger canister filter pump I could use instead (from an Intex WetSet pool set, much larger than mine), same pool outlets though, and same return plan. The cartridges should last forever since the sand filter would be doing all the work when it fires up but the power bill (however subtle) should be easier running the SWG on one of the smaller pumps. Not that I care if I run the big pump instead, but the big one has an aerator on the return and our pH is edging on the high side all the time so to run it even more I'm afraid would make the pH really climb. I plan on getting some muriatic acid to try to bring it down a touch but have yet to do so.

Does anybody have any thoughts or advice?108104image1.jpeg