Intex Sand Filter Pump gauge not working??


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Jul 8, 2019
Unionville, Iowa
Hi, I'm having issues with my Intex Sand Filter pump, only been installed about a week, and everything seems to be working, but on the gauge it's at zero all the time?? I'm thinking I need to contact intex or something, anybody who could offer any input I would be so thankful as I am completely overwhelmed and stressed with trying to figure out all this!

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Jun 22, 2009
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Don't stress over the gauge, While it's important to have, you can get by without it for a while.
If the filter is still under warranty, contact Intex and I'm sure they'll replace it.

If it's not under warranty, you can just buy a standard gauge (I recommend a 0-30 PSI) and unscrew the old gauge and screw in the new one. You can use a wrap or two of teflon tape or paste on the threads.